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 Twitter Maintains Its Promises

Twitter provided its promised functions and then remained true in some words.

Twitter Twitter includes the following new features:

  • Bookmarks
  • Dark mode
  • The“ sparkle” button from the mobile app
  • An‘ Explore’ page

The new design allows consumers to find things faster, another of Twitter’s promises.

In addition to the items in the navigation menu, users can access some sections with fewer clicks.

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For example, click “Lists” in the navigation menu if you want to display a list. Previously, I had access to their profile and then clicked“ Listing.”

However, the new design was not what was “a new Twitter.”

For the most part, the regiment is just an analysis of the previous version of Twitter.

Navigation moved from the top to the left of the screen. Trend themes have gone from left to right on display. There is a new part for the DD. Such little things.

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I say it’s not a completely new experience, but there’s a better version of what we already did.

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