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AMP Pages: Google Search Console is Displaying New Image Search Data
 Google has begun arranging data in Search Console associated with a new image search feature launched a month ago.

The image information displayed on the AMP page is monitored and interacts with Google’s new drag-and-drop feature, which is solely an AMP feature.

The newly introduced feature gives researchers easy access to the photo pages. When you click on an image in the mobile search results, a pop-up window appears with the AMP version of the downloaded page.

The searcher can swipe up in the browser window to see the whole page, from this name to “image.” You can see how this works in the following examples:

The information is displayed in the “Console for AMP Image” console. You can access this information by going to the search position in the search results report. From there, you filter the data based on the image you see:

You do not need to do anything else if you are already using the AMP site and have checked the Search Console features. Information is automatically tracked.

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