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Super Sticker

Specifically, called Super Chat, starting last year, YouTube introduced super stickers.

Allows super cats to buy messages to viewers who stay out of the live stream while allowing super stickers to send dynamic stickers for fees.

Creators share YouTube revenue every time they buy good news or stickers. The company said some chain earns $ 400 per minute.

For nearly 20,000 channels, super cats are now their primary income source. With the release of the label, this number may be higher.

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Channel Membership Tiers – YouTube

YouTube builds on the current feature and adds membership.

Already, viewers can pay $ 4.99, a fixed monthly fee, to access exclusive content.

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Now prices of creators can enter expenses, which allows them to present more content at a higher monthly rate.

Subscribers can create up to five different price levels to subscribe to channels with each of the various offers.

Now, it competes with Peterson on YouTube, a platform where many tutorials use you to earn revenue from dedicated fans.

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Peterson has always allowed creators to describe different levels of warning. Now that you tube has the same feature, it would be interesting to know how it affects business.

More Merch Partners

Now creators have opportunities to sell their products by adding five new partners.

Joining Tee spring is Crowd made, DFTBA, Fan joy, Represent, and Rooster Teeth.

Competitive creators distributing products through one of the companies now have the advantage of the “Chili Bookkeeping” feature on YouTube.

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In addition to advertisements, they said, the revenue of thousands of channels is more than double.

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