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 Google is launching a feature that will allow retailers to show up customer photos in Google Shopping ads.

When a customer reviews a purchase note, the customer’s image can be displayed.

After receiving those products, customers can upload photos when they leave comments.

It allows customers to show the product’s appearance to other buyers in real promotional images.

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As a result, it can encourage more users to buy images, which benefits retailers. Images should help focus more on your ads.

It looks like it’s entirely optional for the client. You can upload photos or leave a comment without a photo if you want.

Even though regular reviews are read to you, encouraging customers will be happy to show their latest image purchase.

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When a customer chooses to upload a comment with a photo, it will automatically be sent to Google to join the purchase ad. Advertisers do not need extra work.

To see customer photos of customer reviews, they will need to use multiple third-party review platforms.

Yotpo, Power Reviews, and Bazaar voice are currently part of the Infrastructure Review Platform to participate in this program.

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