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Someone asked me a question about adult spam links. Whether they need to deny them or not. So, there are two sides to decide whether they need to deny.

Ofcourse, many sites collect adult spam links, such as cookies on board. Theyeventually break up and are replaced by other spam links, which also disappearover time.

Itusually happens when a site starts ranking well. The higher the site’s rating,the more attention spammers and hackers will attract to the site.

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Why Do Spammers Link with Spam Links?

I thinkthis is because some people believe that links to authorized sites will helpthe site not be hijacked by Google. This belief comes from old algorithmsassociated with centers and authorities.

Althoughthe center and management have old SEO advice, although it dates back to the1990s, you should create a link to your “authorized” site from itscontent, as this will help you do it yourself. classification

Ofcourse, this is no longer the case and may never have happened. Regardless ofthe top-rated sites, you can search for keywords in the right place. It may notapply to an “authorized” site.

Moreinformation can be found in the “Link Analysis” section of the HTMLversion of the Introduction to Information Search book. Solve problems withPageRank and Hubs, as well as with authorities.

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Do the Adult Spam Links Damage a Site?

Adult spamlinks or spam links point to quality sites. Premium sites do not lead to spampages. Therefore, when calculating the graph of connections, it can be observedin space and galaxies in different parts of the Universe. Each galaxy containsa planetary system, etc. All these galaxies are in large groups.

Spamsites are generally wholly isolated from a group of regular websites. There is no significant relationship between an average site and a spam site.

Therefore, regardless of their link to a quality site, they still cannot be included in the regular website of the constellation.

Therefore, they are easy to find and remove from the so-called simplified link scheme. It may be because they do not count on the link rating or the rating of a typical site.

Should You Disavow Adult Spam Links?

If you feel better, downloading a rejected file is not harmful.

If you want to check the effect of sending a failure and see if it will affect, try it. Do not make changes to the site before and after downloading the rejected file. If the rating changes immediately, it may affect. But I suspect there will be no change.

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Links and Rankings

In my opinion, content is a decisive factor in ranking, and more and more relationships play a role in verification (“this site is legal”).

In the case of anchor text, in my experience, anchor text is used less. Why less is an open question. Is it less used because the link is not considered editable? Maybe.

The text around the link (context for the link) can also play a role similar to the anchor text used.

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What is Google’s Opinion on the Disavow Tool?

Since the tool created, Google employees have been registered for many years, and publishers do not need to use the tool. The only time they will use this, they know that the link is paid or unreliable, because the publisher is responsible.

I understand that Google seems to have posted conflicting offers, but if you see an article in which Google advertises people encouraging them to use this opt-out, check out the Hangouts webmasters on which this article can be based and learn more about it. This statement often gives the impression of a partial context that John Muller recommends it when he does not.

That’s why I wrote an article with a full listing of the new Hangouts webmaster, and Mueller does not want to recommend this rejection tool. Read, watch the video, and judge for yourself.

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It is up to you to respond. If the denial of contact with an adult reduces your anxiety, continue. But consider conducting research in this area and observing the results.

If there are no changes, you can be more confident that ignoring these links will not hurt you. If the rating improves, then … a bonus!


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