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 Now, Twitter is providing advertisers an option for bidding on the first six seconds of the video ads view.

Advertisers always have the opportunity to trade more extended impressions while providing the best thumbnail video.

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With the new six-second bid unit, video advertisers charge only 50% of the pixel after 6 seconds of ad serving.

Twitter shows that this offer is great for advertisers concerned about full-text printing but ready to accept truncated content optimized for viewing in RSS feeds.

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A six-second video bid unit was introduced worldwide for the following advertising:

  • Video streaming
  • The project’s video ads are limited to 15 seconds.

Discover how to optimize the your Twitter video ad the campaigns and the reach your target audience with the cost-effective bidding strategies. Visit A One Sol for expert guidance on social media advertising and the  effective digital marketing strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Twitter cited a new company-sponsored study that shows short videos without audio or a clear brand that are best remembered by ads and the best information communities:

“A recent Twitter-sponsored study by Eye See revealed that short-form videos with sharper images (clear markings) lead to ad reminders and message combinations that have a better linear TVC style than better video and visual quality. Creative experience increases sales. When was the last time you saw minute advertising on your phone? Ever? That’s what we are. “

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Twitter is a platform that users don’t need to see. Video consumption tends to decrease on average. This is a unique challenge for advertisers because the urgent need to attract the public has never been so strong.

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