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 Twitter has shown that when you add a video to a tweet, it generates ten times the engagement as a tweet when you don’t add a video.

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This is helpful, but what happens if your company does not have a media publishing method?

It turns out that videos made with mobile phones can be as attractive as videos made by professionals.

“Your mobile phone is a multimedia studio with all the features that give youevery thing you need to create engaging content wherever you are.”

In other words, Twitter offers the following tips for creating a display library.

Create an Original GIF

Twitter recommends using a unique brand GIF instead of the current GIF in a tweet.

This is easier than most people think. iPhone Photos has built-in functionality for converting videos to GIFs.

Depending on your phone type, there are many other applications that you can use to create GIFs to simplify the process.

Twitter mentioned a study that used GIF tweets attracted 55% more members than non-GIF tweets.

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Invest in Phone Accessories

Despite the quality of the internal camera, the phone needs help to do this.

To expand the potential for video capture from mobile phones, Twitter recommends investing in third-party accessories.

These accessories may include flashlights, lenses, and a removable external microphone. The joint is a cost-effective accessory that can stabilize motion and perform a swipe.

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Screen Recording

You can use the screen capture feature on your phone to create a video without a lens.

Screenshots provide great content by showing you how to perform technical tasks like converting video to GIF on your mobile phone.

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