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 Instagram is making changes to its account to disable the policy, including warning users before their account is deleted.

New posts also allow users to appeal content removed from their account in violation of community standards.

If it turns out that the content was accidentally deleted, Instagram will restore the entry and remove all violations.

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The following is an example of a notification:


Previously, Instagram did not issue a warning before deleting the account. So, a person can wake up one morning and realize that he can no longer connect.

In fairness, Big I will disable accounts only after repeated violations. Therefore, if the user deletes several pieces of content, it can be reasonably assumed that other measures can be taken.

In any case, users can now determine when they received direct injuries to disable their accounts.

The user also initiates a direct call for the first time and will be able to renew his account.

Other changes to the Instagram policy

Meanwhile, Big I launches a new system that eliminates accounts with multiple violations during a specific period.

So, this new policy is associated with existing Instagram policies that disable accounts with a certain percentage of content for intrusion.

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However, the company said that this change would allow the rules to be applied more consistently, and users would be more responsible for the content they post on Instagram.

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