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 Representatives from Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox, have thrown light on why the browser is blocking Google Analytics by default.

This week, the latest version of Firefox browser was launched, including all the crawlers, Google Analytics included.

This means traffic data is affected by using the latest version of Firefox.

Mozilla states that this change is to protect the user’s privacy.

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In Twitter’s conversation between Jorge Blvd and several Mozilla employees, the company has provided additional specifications to prevent Google Analytics.

I.e., you’re forcing everyone with Firefox installed to immediately block Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc…., taking away data that small businesses and developers rely on.

Not like this, no matter how many upvotes it gets on Reddit.

Sure, a person owns their personally identifiable data, but aggregated anonymous data used to improve a website? Please. That’s such a stretch. It would help if you changed your name to Armstrong. That’s like saying convenience stores shouldn’t have cameras or bars shouldn’t check ids.

Abuses sure, “Anonymous Aggregated Data” is not abuse. 

The team @mozilla agrees with that since you use Google Analytics for the same purpose. So then, what’s this about?

However, keep in mind that Mozilla employees show that they do not like Google Analytics. If this feeling is shared within the company, are your personal feelings about your Google Analytics the main reason for your decision to stop it?

However, the importance of Google Analytics data for business and website owners is incredible.

It provides personally identifiable data, and the company will suffer if access is reduced.

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So, user traffic will always be tracked from other browsers, but it will be due to an era.

Since Firefox prevents all subsequent operations through default, who will follow its example?

Update: According to Firefox developers, most Google Analytics data will not be affected, so, which is good news for website owners and SEOs.

“GA analyses function (a third-party cookie)used to develop reports for website owners. Therefore, consumers will calculate the general data of the site’s statistics as Apple ITP users.”

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