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 Google Featured Snippets update algorithm has been released. The update will benefit Featured Snippets by figuring out which information needs new content.

Which Queries Deserve Freshness?

Google provides three examples of search queries that require new content.

  1. Update your information regularly.
  2. Information that changes over time.
  3. Current events

The goal is to delete the contents of clips that are obsolete and no longer used.

Here’s what Google says:

“…A new update to this algorithm improves the system’s understanding of what information becomes useful and which information becomes obsolete over time.

This feature is particularly useful in the excerpts presented. The search feature shows which pages on your system contain the information you are looking for.

Our system will try to find the most useful and updated code segments for new information questions that matter. “

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The most important part of the previous description is that the system determines the perpetual content (useful over time) and what type of content loses its usefulness over time.

Information that is Updated Regularly

This information can be based on schedule or change pending.

“Here are a few examples, and the last is particularly useful. You may look for regularly updated information, such as the next full moon, reality show, or vacation.

Information that Changes Over Time

Another category that needs to be updated is information, which may change over time. This is interesting because time-based information needs to change in future events compared to data that requires events that have already occurred.

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Here is how Google explains: – Featured Snippets Update

“For example, when we approach an event, we will learn more specific details. The latest TV premiere may contain more specific information and other useful content, such as a movie trailer, which you can click to view.”

Current Events

Then, we’ll use the current event category where information is most useful when we update. He used the example Listeria remembered.

Fresh Results Not Necessary for Evergreen Content

Google does not need to continually update its information requirements for persistent content early in the release, Google said. They use examples of search queries based on facts. It does not change.

That’s why Google explains that persistent content does not require new network results.

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For example, if you ask, “Why does the sunshine turn red,” the basic description does not change over time, and the most precise description is usually on the previous page. Focusing on new content does not necessarily lead to better results. “

According to the SEO myth, Google prefers to rank new content. These statements contradict myths and reveal secrets. He explained that Google understands that the query on the Evergreen topic does not give better results on the new page.

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Takeaway – Featured Snippets Update

This update is significant because content publishers decide which content is permanent and which type of content requires new updates. The portion that is processed rewards publishers with more content that currently provides useful content.

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