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It’s reported that Google is in the process of returning voice search on Android devices with Google Assistant.

According to our 9to5Google report, the old voice search icon has been replaced by a wizard icon in the Google Apps widget and search box.

The desktop widget now also prompts the user “ask the assistant” while the “Hey Google Search” message is displayed.

With this option, the wizard launches the voice question and opens the results in the slider panel.

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While this change does not apply to all Android users, we can confirm that 9to5Googlehas been used to some Android users.

What does this change mean?

When you switch from classic voice search to Google Assistant, we want to determine the future of the service.

This change can affect a small percentage of the publisher’s general search traffic because guides usually contain direct responses.

When a user gets the answers, they need from the Google Assistant; they do not need to search or click on the publisher’s website.

It is important to remember that an assistant cannot answer each question directly.

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