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 Twitter is providing its users with the power to search for direct messages by putting the name of the people into a search bar.

This feature was first tested on iOS, and the desktop and only applies to recent users’ instant messaging.

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Since this feature is still in beta, there are some limitations. The most obvious thing is that it only works for the nearest DM.

While this creates extra comfort, the latest DM is the most natural to find. It is also more useful to look for old messages.

Another limitation is the ability of individuals and groups to search or search bars for DMs. This Twitter example shows:

Soul searching? Hard. DM searching? Easy! Go ahead and try out the new DM search bar. We’re testing it out on iOS and the web with your most recent DMs.

— Twitter (@Twitter) August 14, 2019

Searching for all types of keywords is more effective. This means that you are looking for names and words in separate messages.

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As the tests progress, new DM search capabilities may increase. This feature is expected to launch on Android, but people must discuss plans to achieve this goal immediately.

In any case, it should be able to search the DM for the sender name than for apre-existing null finder.

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