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 New figures show that marketers paid $479 million on podcast advertising last year and are projected to pay over $1 billion by 2021.

These figures are from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC and are reported by eMarketer.

Podcast’sanalysis of the advertising industry in the United States shows that in 2018, the advertising revenue generated by the self-reported Podcast itself increased by 34 percent, and the income grew by 42%.

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Lorem Fishers, principal analyst of eMarketer, talk about the development of Podcast, and they talk about the value of listeners:

“Podcasting is one of the fastest categories in digital audio (even if it’s not the fastest).

Marketers and performance brands need to recognize the value of accessing the consumer, not only to adjust the head: they accept entertainment or draw their ideas. Advertiser expects the top part of it; it’s a state of mind. “

TheeMarketer report contains additional information about the current status of the Podcast.

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A (Relatively) Small But Passionate Audience

According to predecessors, 76.4 million people (one-quarter of the population of the United States) will hear this year’s pod.

While podcast listeners still serve a small part of the population, the elections show that most listen to many pods weekly.

“A fifth (21%) in 2017 by an Edison Research and Advertising Podcast viewer in Trenton’s digital audio number said that he heard more than three (31%)five-week-old podcast reports. Listen to six or more Podcasts in a week.

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Other Statistics

Here are some additional data reports included:

  • The D2C brand purchases more than 70% of the podcast ads.
  • Announcements from the Podcast Host are the most popular, representing 63.3 percent of the decisions of 2018.
  • Last year, ads generated by podcast ads were 35 percent.
  • 2018 Most ad revenue plants are dedicated (65.7 percent) to news/politics/podcast, comedy, business, education, art, and leisure events.


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