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 Google has updated its testing tools with Googlebot evergreen rendering, which optimizes how the tools process up-to-the-minute websites.

Previously, the Google testing tools made the site look like Chrome 41.

The latest version of Google Chrome is 76, so you can imagine that Google’s testing tools are based on modern browsers.

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Googlebot is now “Evergreen” and will be continuously updated as new versions of Chrome become available.

“Essentially, the upgrade is switching from Chrome 41 as a rendering engine to the latest stable version of Chromium. Now Googlebot uses the latest stable version of Chromium to run JavaScript and display pages. We will continue to update Googlebot with a stable version of Chromium. We call it the Evergreen Tree.

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In particular, this change will affect the following tools:

  • Search URL Search Console
  • Suitable for testing mobile devices.
  • Richest result
  • AMP test

Google noted that these updates had been thoroughly tested before they were released.

Finally, users should know that Googlebot always uses the same user agent as Evergreen.

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This may change in the future, but at least for the moment, the user agent used in the testing tool will not change.

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