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 Three back-to-school PPC tips to effectively market to educators.

Back to school is called the great shopping season of the year. However, kids and their parents aren’t only the ones ready for the school year.

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Teachers are also getting ready. Teachers and school administrators, who often overlook during the school year, spend $ 453-1014 annually on school projects, averaging $ 611.13. Collectively.

Thank the teacher for another reason!

Of course, most teachers and school principals are looking for something other than the latest fashion. They are educated, represent a unique audience, and are respected throughout the school year.

In this article, we will do the following:

  • Share some private information about Microsoft Advertising.
  • Find out how teachers buy from parents and students differently.
  • Advise on how to capture important markets.

Teachers Understand the Cost

When they return to school, the teacher spends expensive money on him, to earn. Therefore, finding a meeting is common.

We found that teachers increased the likelihood of finding used goods on the Internet by 190% and the probability of finding coupons and coupons by 66% compared to students and parents.

Some Tips

For beginners, an effective way to target these clients is to use LinkedIn profile targeting in their search campaigns.

Training is one of the many activities that can be used for targeting. And it makes it easier for you to reach out to target groups concerned about cost and increase the return on your campaigns.

The teacher knows the price. Remember to offer coupons and discounts to teachers.

Compared to other school supplies buyers, teachers are 66% more likely to visit coupon sites like,, and So, make sure you have a promo code.

You can also use ad extensions and brochures as coupons.

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The Site Often for Teacher Training – PPC Tips

Our in-house Bing research data shows that teachers more frequently discontinue education sites (such as,, and its .org ), while the number of visitors to educational websites increases by 1352%.

Besides, the likelihood of teachers visiting toy stores increased by 201%, while the possibility of shopping at,, and Mc Graw-hill increased. Com increased by 56%.

Some Tips

Make sure you can easily find your product on these other sites.

Aggressive positioning helps teachers understand their brands. If you are confident that the researcher is a teacher, you can use a landing page and a more specific text page (for example, an entire page for the teacher on your website).

Used demographic targeting to increase the position of your ad. Use remarketing tools to target recent salespeople and trainers on your site.

Another useful tool is to use the educational audience on the market to target your audience to BTS teachers, parents, and students.

Pay Attention to the Beginning of School

Although the first shopping season lasted from mid-July to early September, our internal data showed that the return period from May was five months, and demand continued in September.

Also, there are geographical differences in the number, and the start date for studies in US schools varies greatly.

For example, southern states usually begin in early August, and northern states start in early September.

As we begin the course, we find that schools that started their school earlier this year show greater interest in the long-term return to school and are above average. July 15 – September 9

The application window for schools opened at the beginning of September was reduced by one month but was even more intensive one week before the start of school.

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Some PPC Tips

Target teachers (and other buyers back to school), and you use specific geographic campaigns to focus on your school’s start date and value-added areas.

Allow customers to return to school longer on the valid remarketing list than regular customers. Your needs will change depending on the season as you try to remove all BTS projects from the list, and new requirements will arise during the first weeks of school.

Teachers Shop Year-Round

Finally, we learned that most teachers buy, except for the new school year: 64% are “regular” consumers, 36% every two months, and 28% monthly.

This makes teachers and educators a valuable audience when they shop all year round and become regular customers.

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Some Tips

Teacher’s message throughout the year. Attract and retain teachers positively and competitively throughout the year, especially during the new school year.

Also, use LinkedIn profile targeting to integrate social and marketing products into your overall strategy and to provide loyalty programs and discounts for teachers throughout the year.

Make sure you are ready now, so you don’t lose teachers and receive training during the season.

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