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 Given the dynamic nature of the search landscape, predicting the ROI of SEO can be a chancy move. But with enough data at your disposal, it is feasible to generate a realistic projection.

The Gou be SEO offers suggestions on providing ROI critical factors and the necessary data for forecasting.

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How do people predict the return on investment from SEO work?

François Gou be (FG): We work with SEO Jacques … they are very concerned about this technology. Instead of concentrating on your Polish indicators in business terms.

For example, some people ignore their ratings every day. They see that their rank and organic traffic have suddenly reduced. But what is the matter, you need transportation, but many businesses?

So, we focus on some Google updates that affect E-commerce sites. When you see the data, your natural traffic has deteriorated.

But it’s always the amount of money you get.

They just lost their traffic. It does not matter because an activity is always there.

Keep this in mind, depending on what is on the table and how much you earn.

This is something that SEO sometimes needs to think about because its SEO technology is intense.

Brent Csutoras (BC): We often see this, and you must know that your business goals differ from random steps and marketing. Right side.

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How do Marketers look to see the return on SEO investments?

FG: I think we need to understand what’s going on there.

The first thing to do is that all sites are different. They are different sizes and do not have the same universal popularity on the web with different themes.

This means that if you are an exceptional partner in E-commerce, Google will not even process [on the site of the large online media sites].

Many people think unlimited funds are for Google, but their costs are complicated. SEO uses millions of servers to search for networks, which is expensive.

Then, [Google] when you think about improving your Google resources, you can point in the way.

You also need to know which temperature element is essential for your site because you know that all sites are not the same, and Google is trying to improve your costs.

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Should I pay attention to other factors? – ROI of SEO

FG: Built-in data is compelling because we know consumers get good results by improving the outcomes: structured data.

For example, add the tag to the product page. Let’s add a summary comment to get a rich code split on Google that displays this store.

You can get a better clickthrough rate using the configured data to improve product pages.

Our users have increased the amount of organized data because they can verify with On Crawl and see that results can be improved directly.

When reviewing the newspapers, for example, the product is sold with structured data on structured pages and contains multiple pages contained, and it found that Google knows that such type of program I have joined.

And they get a better part of the clicks. Therefore, they will increase further traffic for the same rating.

People should worry about what happens on

BC: You will have to plan at this stage or, if you remember it, you will not be able to rate in such a way as you will not get the same speed.

The scheme ensures that you can include many websites outside of Google. This information is generally compatible with coding. Therefore, at this stage, the plan is necessary.

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How do you use this information to become strategic so that you can predict what your efforts will be, and how will they prove useful?

FG: For SEO, the key is understanding your business and Northern Star Matrix.

If you are online, it may be income earnings.

If you are an eCommerce player, it may be the average order value of your daily or monthly income product page.

OnOnCrawl, a few years back, we unlocked a feature split. You can map your website with your matrix (i.e., you can dig more in-depth with your monthly page).

You can check if there is a revenue generation page in your depth or if you are near the home page.

If this type of depth on your website is intense, it can only do it if it generates a lot of revenue but needs to give more internal popularity. There may be problems.

The key is to understand your business and value your SEO data. When you meet your company, know its limits and business practices.

We will integrate your SEO data with your company’s data. It is the first step.

Once you consider your business boundaries and understand your SEO data and the type of website, you are much more likely to predict your results. The price can include…

Discuss classification factors that need to be addressed earlier because all sites are different. You prefer your plans quickly when you include the registration statistics tracking statistics. You will be able to try.

Analyze the traffic you receive and classify; you know you are rating them.

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In addition to knowing what you want to rank, you must determine which website you want to use.

Is there a business opportunity? Considering the degree of capacity, you can use a device like Siemens to complete it.

If you enter keywords, you will understand the degree of ability.

You can have 20 pages ranking on Google’s first page, for example, in 4th and 10th. The competition is meagre for those pages.

Then you can connect your Siemens to your site at a competitive level by placing the data online to see where you can get the status and more traffic.

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These are ranked 20 pages wide to ten. Due to severe competition, you will win ratings in some attempts because the game is very intense. Your site is already doing well, but if it is placed in the first three, you will get more traffic.

You can predict revenue based on traffic by clicking on the clickthrough rate and the number of those keyword queries.

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