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 Recently, Google’s John Mueller said that non-English website links aren’t essentially spam. 

This will be announced on Twitter in response to the site owner following his backlink profile.

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This is a tweet sent to him:

“I got a do follow link from a non-English site. The primary language of my web sites English. I don’t even know how they found my more link and created a link to it. I have to take care always of these links. They have a clean link profile. “

Mueller replied that if links come from websites in other languages, they are okay.

Hello @JohnMu & @dannysullivan 

I received some do follow links from some non-English websites. My site’s primary language is English. I am still trying to figure out how they got to find my stuff and link it.😅😅 Should I be bothered about those links… They have a neat link profile

— ibezim chukwuemerie (@davyeminy) August 17, 2019

This misunderstanding is not uncommon. In some responses to Mueller’s tweets, some said he thought the link was spam, while others said he would still refuse to use links to websites in other languages.

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Rejecting links to all non-English language websites is a quick and easy way to remove irrelevant links. But the problem is you lose useful links in the process.

Many high-quality websites use languages ​​other than English, including many that use the same niche market as English websites.

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On-site links are just as valuable as links to sites with primary English. To find the answers, check the links that should always be filled in before submitting the rejection file.


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