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 Someone questioned on Twitter asking if there were any patents by Google that gave details of how Google put a natural links profile into words.

However, Google writes about unnatural links, so how does Google spell out natural and unnatural links?

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Patents or Research on Natural Links

This tweet asks a good link question. He noted that many articles suggested the creation of a natural link preference file. However, articles related to patents or research articles do not support a natural link profile.

Evaluating the SEO statement using the link in the article is imperative. Without a meeting, the article will likely be speculative rather than authoritarian.

This is a tweet:

“Does anyone know how Google looks at patents or site link research?” Many articles explain why “natural link profiles” protect websites from algorithm updates and avoid fines, but do they send a positive signal?

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There are No Patents for Natural Links

Bill Slaw sky replied that no license deals with natural link profiles.

Does anyone know of patents or research on how Google might view a site’s link profile? There are tons of articles on why a “natural link profile” will protect a site from algorithm updates and avoid penalties, but any positive signals it sends? @bill_slawski @JohnMu @CyrusShepard

— ʙʀᴏᴏᴋs ᴍᴀɴʟᴇʏ (@brooksBROmanley) August 20, 2019

Google and Unnatural Links

Unnatural links discussed between Google and Google employees. Google Guide covers unnatural links.

If some links are not natural, other links are natural. In many cases, Google refers to natural links.

“Is checking my site code (using tools such as the W3C validator) ​​useful for ranking my site on Google?

No, at least not directly. Because clearing the HTML code can improve your site’s performance in different browsers, it makes it easier for people with disabilities or users to access your pages on mobile or other devices, which improves the quality of your site. The popularity of your website. … more traffic related to your site (can help with Google ranking) and much more.

Does Google Analyze Natural Link Profiles?

Google uses statistical analysis to determine whether previous reverse profiles work. It was announced at the New Orleans Pub Con 2005 conference.

I’ve been doing search engine optimization for almost 20 years and was there during the ad.

The idea behind link analysis has changed to see if they are statistically regular or normally average games.

Statistical analysis answers many of the SEO industry’s questions about how Google recognizes spam links. Statistical analysis changed the link.

The research industry should now consider the average amount of anchor texts on the link. The number of regular inbound links to websites on specific markets has become the focus of attention. “Looks normal” has become very important.

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It’s hard to see if Google is using statistical analysis. Most search algorithms discussed in modern research focus on natural language processing rather than link analysis. Now the new binding algorithm is very rare.

The placement of links is less critical, and Google has a lot of control over spam.

Google Identify Unnatural Natural Links?

I suspect that Google understands new spam links. I have seen many successful sites where it isn’t easy to find the links. Links to billions of databases from a particular category of sites back to high-performing websites.

There are unethical methods that mimic credibility, experience and reliability. This means hiring “content marketers” to publish products, websites or articles that appear in person on major news sites.

It doesn’t matter if the article has a link to the article. It is crucial to use the title of the publication and the background information above(best view ____, ____, a recognized leader in the US) to build credibility. The right links and appointments are late, and Google doesn’t recognize such links because they are natural and motivated by paid marketing campaigns.

Advertising to get the word out is within Google’s guidelines. 

Payment information, proof of experience and trust (E-A-T) is not Google’s advice. From a technical point of view, Google’s E-A-T payment policy is not offensive. But even if it was on, it could not be found.

Then the first question is answered: there are patents and research papers on statistical analysis. A Microsoft research article titled Spam, Damn Spam, and Statistics is a good starting point for reading.

It is always important to identify natural and unnatural things. However, it is equally important to get links from relevant websites to each website. The ability to reach the gold standard for a particular link in nature may be the most effective way to get a “natural” link.

This includes using unethical methods to create E-A-T because they also create “natural” links.

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Unnatural natural links and links are a disadvantage of the Google algorithm.

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