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 A Tweet Imply by Google’s Gary llyes takes as read that Google didn’t receive get all paid links. So, the tweet recognized someone for giving a list of 700 domains that sold their links. 

That implied that the links approved by PageRank and Google didn’t have information about them.

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Google’s Gary Illyes Tweet About Paid Links

Google’s Webmaster Trend Analyst Gary Illyes is someone for opening 700 linked sales territories. But it also turned out that paid links for these domains are being transferred to PageRank.

Here’s how Gary llyes tweeted:

“Hi, John! I don’t know if they are sending it to you, but your email address is not working. Thank you for submitting a table with over 700 domain names from link providers! We are sure your links are useless!

Gary said, “We’re sure your links are useless!” Paid links seem useful before you get a spreadsheet of 700 domains for commercial links. This means that Google will render the link useless after receiving the spreadsheet.

Gary didn’t say these links were valuable before. It is implied.

Illyes also said that these links help to rank the sites. He just said that his OK link didn’t matter. This is a bit unclear, but the link still has value.

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Google may have received and reduced these links and will no longer have all outbound links, including existing paid links.

But Gary’s tweet suggests that the link may have sent a link signal because, according to his tweet, Google is verifying that its link is now“ useless.” This means that they used to be valuable, but they are not.

What is the motive for sending the 700-link mysterious “John” to domain sales? Are you a competitor on the site? Still, have a new link provider to destroy your competitors?

How Was the Paid Link Reported?

Google allows publishers to report paid links through the Search Console. Interestingly, Gary’s tweet indicates that a registered email address has been received. You can assume that the email address associated with your account in the Google Search Console is valid.

So strange that eyes sent a message on Twitter that was sent back.

Will Google Receive a Paid Link?

I’m not paying for the link. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for nearly two decades, and I have been active in the community for the same period. I know a lot of people, and I listen to a lot of things.

Publication search engine optimization says that paid links to the content of major brand-approved sites are usually useful. But Google got something in a matter of months.

Read also: Google Search Console Now Adds Three More Types of Structured Data.

Links to less approved sites can only have the most inaccurate effects or, at worst, have adverse effects almost immediately.

Gary llyes’ tweet is a bit surprising. This means that Google could not find the paid link. Google’s Gary lines didn’t hear that Google couldn’t see all the paid links. However, the captions indicate that the links are irrelevant once the spreadsheet is received and processed by Google.

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