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 Are you looking for social media movies and television shows that put a mirror in front of our 21st-century existence?

We collected the best sections of films and television shows and noted how social networks permeate our culture.

Among them, you will find that the link between horror movies and social networks has become grim, and the problem of documentary research, such as data collection and movies on Facebook, where the use of social networks has gone too far.

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Keep reading to find the best videos on social networks to add to your watchlist!

  1. The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 film, which describes the creation and appearance of Facebook.

In 2011, the social network won eight Oscar nominations and won three: Best user scenarios, Best original results and Best video clips.

  1. The Circle

Based on the same name as Dave Eggs, the “social circle” is created in a world where theonly search and social relations company takes possession regardless of market share and decision-making.

In this world, information is strictly controlled, the camera is always on, and there is no need to share your life.

  1. Catfish – Movies

This 2007 documentary played the last nine months when director Neville Schulman worked with a woman on Facebook and discovered that this had nothing to do with the fact that she did not trust him.

  1. Terms and Conditions May Apply

“Terms and Conditions may apply” is a documentary film that closely follows information used by companies such as Facebook and Google.

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  1. #chicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on A Dictator

This documentary talks about participating in the revolutionary struggle against Syria using Facebook, Twitter and Skype to condemn the atrocities of Damascus and the Holmes regime in Chicago’s room for Ala’a Basatneh 2013.

  1. Ingrid Goes West

The influence of social networks lives a very open life, which can lead to several interesting followers. In Ingrid Goes West, Instagram celebrity Taylor Sloan(played by Elizabeth Olson) befriended the seemingly normal Ingrid Sauber.

Thorburn is a follower and will do everything possible to become a leader in the Celestial group of Insta, even travelling around the country to find Taylor.

This dark comedy is deeply immersed to such an extent that people live in Insta.

  1. We Live in Public – Movies

This documentary explores how the Internet affects people.

Josh Harris, an e-commerce entrepreneur, explores the concept of media and the influence of media in a series of experiments, especially when playing his daily life through a webcam.

  1. American Meme

A Netflix documentary tells celebrities like Paris Hilton and DJ Khaled that they analyze their lives on the Internet and discuss whether monitoring and surrender can bring real happiness.

  1. Inside

Christina(played by Emmy Rosen) was abducted and woke up in a room, not remembering how she got there.

She uses two tools: laptops and viewers on social networks.

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Can you help him escape?

  1. Me and You and Everyone We Know

“I,you and everyone we know” weave a story about several characters trying to find connections and meanings in the modern world while surfing on social networks, online novels and social networks. Contemporary label

  1. Disconnect – Movies

Several scenarios can explore the negative aspects of social networks and modern communications.

Whether it’s a workaholic, high school student, or secret partner, everyone has one thing in common: “Whatever they do, someone can see it.”

The group includes Jason Bateman, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard, Frank Grillo, and even fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

  1. #140 Characters: A Documentary About Twitter

This short documentary explores the effects of Twitter, including how it changed the lives of four ordinary people.

This short documentary explores how Twitter has changed the lives of four ordinary citizens.

Everyone uses Twitter as a springboard to find love, grow a business, meet idols and create funds.

  1. Unfriended – Movies

“Useless” is a horror movie with warnings: downloading online content can have consequences.

The 2014 film revolves around a group of high school friends who feel free to publish their lives on the Internet.

But when someone posted a video of her friend Laura, she was very drunk and killed herself.

On the first anniversary of Laura’s death, her friends chatted, and Laura’s chat account joined her.

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Soon, the organization was tortured when the user appeared, and Laura asked who had published the video.

  1. Friend Request

Social networks are afraid to “ask friends.”

Often, someone objects to someone on Facebook. Still, Laura does not expect her to be tortured by the spirit of her former classmate Marina, who committed suicide after Laura was rejected.

Upon hearing the news of the girl’s death, Laura was bombed with a video showing that Marina had recorded it before committing suicide.

It was finally posted on Laura’s Facebook page and could not be deleted.

From that moment on, Laura’s life took a dark turn because the spirit of Marina did everything to destroy Laura’s presence in her possessions.

  1. Eighth Grade

Being a teenager is difficult for anyone, but the ideal pressure on social networks can have a negative impact.

Under the guidance of comedian Bo Burnham, the “eighth-grade” disciple followed Kayla’s Day until the last eight grades.

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Kiraseeks to save a specific image on her YouTube channel, but her life is entirely different.

  1. InRealLife – Movies

The 2013 documentary film closely tracks the impact of the Internet and social networks on the mass use of modern adolescents, including 24-hour and 7-day connections, which can lead to 7-point isolation, distortion, and dependent points.

  1. 140

The film was attended by 140 filmmakers in 140 locations worldwide and synchronized films for 140 seconds via Twitter.

The filmmakers must remove everything that connects them to the house and complete the shooting in 140 seconds.

  1. The Black Mirror: Nosedive

The third season of “Black Mirror” was created with “riots,” an autonomous episode in a society where social networks and classification systems are more tied than today.

Everyone has a note that everyone can see through observation: everything influences this note, be it coffee or speech.

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Its value is equal to its assessment, which leads to a world in which there is no authenticity and connections.

  1. The Orville: Majority Rule

In the first quarter of 2017, Orville, the public mentality on social networks, became the centre of attention.

A person’s fate depends on the votes that he wins or loses in the courts for public opinion through social networks.

  1. South Park: You Have 0 Friends

Losers on Facebook will also be losers.

At least, this is a prerequisite for this section of the “South Park” season 14 2010.


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