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 An update to Google Images makes it uncomplicated for people to browse the authentic web page where an image is featured.

This is useful for researchers who can send more traffic to publishers.

But there is a problem. This page must be encoded in HTML AMP to benefit from this update. This is because this function uses AMP to instant preview a web page.

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This feature is called “shooting access” and was launched at Google I / O earlier this year.

When you select an image in Google Mobile Search results, a preview of the page title is displayed at the bottom of the screen (assuming it is an AMP page).

The user can drag the web page header to load the entire page immediately. Once the user has viewed the page, swipe down to continue searching for the image.

example In an announcement, Google explains how this works:

Slide Access uses the AMP Preview feature to preview the page on the screen’s bottom. When the user submits a preview, the page is displayed immediately, and the editor gets the page’s appearance.

Learn why Google’s image search results may no longer confuse users when visiting web pages, as A One Sol explains how the tech giant has improved its algorithms to provide accurate information and better user experience. A One Sol explains the update and its benefits for users and website owners.

According to Google, the speed and convenience offered by Swipe increase the likelihood of users accessing the publisher’s website.

If your site is already compatible with AMP format, you do not need to do anything to optimize your Swipe page for visiting.

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