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 Google has removed some filters, including image search results by “minimum size,” “exact size,” and “full colour.”

This change was made with caution, and Google has not announced the removal of the filter.

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Image Search Results

I did that on the Reddit thread, and many of them have confirmed that they no longer have access to the filters in the main interface.

Filters can still be applied in the Advanced Search section of the Settings drop-down menu.

However, the fact that filters have been removed from the main interface indicates that filters need to be updated.

This change can cause crashes for many users who report using standard image search results.

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“Unfortunately,this is a handy tool for optimizing search results.”

“Iused them often … that’s why a business starts to fail when it stopslistening to the user and starts telling people what they want.”

“Ifeel anger, sadness, and disappointment. The worst thing about Google is thatthey never listen to users. “

“It makes me very angry. Another negative change in the search image. “

Here is the cleanest comment because most of the answers to Reddit topics are blasphemous.

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Not all of this change is due to all the anger and harassment of the user. A characteristic feature of removing Google Image Search is a pattern that shows no signs of slowing down.

Time will tell you how many features will be removed from Google’s image search results in the future.

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