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 Instagram has been found to make the test of many upgrades to stories that add layouts for stories and more such as new boomerangs and redesigned icons.

The test discovered by redesign expert Jane Manchun Wong, who first looks for outstanding features, was second to none.

On the Wong Share Twitter screen, you can see a new icon and several presentation options.

Instagram is testing a new Boomerang, a new Layout mode for Stories, a new set of colorful icons for Story Camera modes and more!

Wong offers more details about these features on his blog, including more screenshots.

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New Layout Mode – Layouts for Stories and More

The original story design mode works like Instagram Designs, allowing users to create photo collages and share them in the mainstream.

Story Planning allows users to create collages by photographing them with a Stories camera or uploading pictures from a movie.

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New Boomerangs

Instagram is testing a new boomerang, giving users five options. Size is one step more than the current boomerang position.

After recording the boomerang, the user can set it to perform various actions at the end of each episode, such as a slit or an earthquake. There are also storage options that can go faster and slower.

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Currently, these features are only being tested, but at this stage of development, they will likely receive the official release in advance.


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