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 I’m the type of person Yourself Happy who accepts challenges 10 simple tips and works harder than ever when someone says to me, “no, you can’t do this, it’s impossible.”

I’m obsessed with implementing new things: there is some criticism agreeable to see how good you are.

As you can imagine, this mentality quickly became an endless competition and achieved even better results.

The network’s ever-increasing incentive messages did not help.

Recently, I saw a video of my marketing friend, who is not afraid of Mount Elbrus, and wanted to do the same!

I noticed that people often do something impossible, cheer a flame.

It took me a while to realize that I didn’t have to face all the problems.

Keep in mind the 80/20 rule: Our rate of 20% gives us 80% of the results.

Therefore, conquering a limited number of goals that inspire you the most will bring you real Happiness.

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I want to share my self-knowledge, show you how to change my priorities, focus on what I want to succeed, not follow the sport, and try to motivate the coach to define a “success” and an inspiring blog.

Remember that this is a story, which means that reproduction and jointing may not give the results I have achieved so far.

This strategy is similar to all digital marketing strategies: No company has a universal solution. But you can find inspiration and ideas that fit your situation.

Therefore, this article will help you enjoy life and devote more time to what is essential to you.

Create Your Own “Blue Ocean.”

The term “blue ocean” was coined by professors V. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne at INSEAD.

According to this management theory, the most successful companies have created new markets instead of trying to compete with the crowded market.

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most striking examples.

In traditional circus performances, animals and pellets hardly give artists time to offer revolutionary things.

Cirque du Soleil decided to use acrobats to invest their money in a unique dramatic production, and they won a big prize!

They created their blue ocean and became famous all over the world.

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne found that over 70% were dissatisfied with their work.

You do not need to participate in these statistics.

You can always change your daily life.

Finding the blue ocean took me a while because I love so many things.

Finally, I developed a strategy that helped me successfully sell my service and gain excellent visibility.

The purpose of this strategy was to create a Digital Olympus conference. I am not looking for clients, but I want to improve our organization’s reputation and maintain close contact with industry experts.

We were able to attract excellent talent.

Many of Olympus’s early artists became experts known as Craig Campbell, Laura Hogan, Aisha Kellaway, David White and many others.

We hope your meeting will help speakers create their own “blue ocean”!

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Review Your Dreams as a Child & Make Them Come True

When we are children, we all have many desires and fantasies.

We cannot give up because we have grown up.

It’s always possible to return to your dreams and try to make them come true.

I recommend you skip the classes that you enjoy in primary school. However, think about how you can use your child’s wishes and make them the adults you want.

For example, when I was a kid, I dreamed of walking. Unfortunately, my family couldn’t afford it at that time. But now I can!

Now I have my horse, and five days a week, I started cycling.

It’s almost like meditation: The problem at work is distracted, and I build my strength and do something other than everyday life.

For those who work most of the day in the office, it’s like breathing fresh air.

Another reason I love to ride a horse is that it helps me achieve things that are not related to my career.

Also, I can always tell my clients an exciting story or use it as an icebreaker at a party.

Learn More Fairytales & Never Stop Dreaming

Remember when your parents read the story to you, you thought you were no longer in your room but part of the story?

I like this feeling because it allows me to dive into a new world without leaving my apartment.

Reading fairy tales is always a less guilty pleasure that can help me avoid reality.

There are many life lessons in the stories, and when you are upset, you are guaranteed Happiness. It also makes you a better person through empathy and learning from others.

You can also try logo therapy.

Stories are stories of wisdom passed down from generation to generation. Usually, they are a step-by-step guide to solving various problems.

By studying stories that have similar problems in your life, you can find solutions or at least encourage them to stick to them.

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Regular Visits to Museums, Theatres and Art Exhibitions.

I like different types of art, from Russian porcelain to opera.

I have a book by a famous expressionist. When I am particularly sad, or I’m looking for just beauty and inspiration, I open this book.

No one doubts that art always helps us to feel better.

At least every other week, I find a few hours to visit the museum or temporary exhibition to rejuvenate and get new ideas.

When I saw the masterpieces of famous artists, I found a solution to many problems.

Whenever I’m in London, I go directly to The National Gallery, a special exhibition which has always fascinated me.

Of course, you need not only to watch but also create!

Art therapy is considered therapeutic and has many mental health benefits, such as reduced stress and increased self-esteem. It can range from graffiti to adult coloring books and drawings.

When you unleash your creativity, your mind will distract you from your daily struggle, and you may even find innovative solutions. This is a great way to find and turn an artist’s work into a hobby or skill.

Adjust Your Work Schedule

I would never believe it if someone had told me a few years ago that I would leave work on Friday. But now I’m not working on Friday; this is one of my best decisions.

I know that some digital agencies in the United Kingdom have begun working on a four-day week.

However, it is not accessible in Europe and certainly not useful in Russia.

In other words, when we decide not to work on Friday, my colleagues and my work are much more efficient.

So, if you’re lucky, you can try with a supervisor or team member to ensure this is right for your organization.

We didn’t decide to work on Friday because everyone was upset on Friday.

Resting and returning on Monday with double the energy and enthusiasm is essential.

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Set Your Success and Be Happy!

Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not good. It comes from your actions. “

It’s time to examine yourself and find out what makes you happy.

Once you get the answer, you can continue to do these things.

Try to do one thing every day and bring yourself Happiness.

It can be simple, like reading a sleeping story or something else, thinking about your own “blue ocean” and how to do it.

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