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 Learn how to prepare for 5 changes coming to Facebook messenger. At the beginning of May, Facebook called its yearly F8 conference. This conference is where Facebook chews over the entire future of the platform and reveals its upcoming developments, features, and aspects to developers, entrepreneurs, and other specialists.

This year, Facebook has improved some of its messenger services and new features focused on marketing.

These changes and messaging platforms are very important for extra inspiration, especially how they affect our current marketing efforts.

Let’s look at Facebook Messenger’s content and how we can start creating and preparing these changes.

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  1. Messenger Desktop App

This is probably the least important update, but it’s still notable. Facebook is preparing a desktop application for Messenger.

I did not get this change because you can already use Messenger on your desktop to change your lifestyle. Just log in to Facebook and go to your message.

However, Facebook reported that one of the basic features and objectives of this desktop version of Rasul is as a collaboration tool.

Desktopmessenger teams allow “videocalls, collaboration projects or multiple tasks while chatting”.

We can see more ideas by sharing more teams to share ideas and hold weekly meetings.

  1. Light, Fast and Leaner – 5 changes coming to Facebook Messenger

Facebook is re-setting its messaging application to make devices faster and easier to store. He marked the project as “Light Spy”, and the purpose was to request a messenger that could be started in 2 seconds and installed only in 30 MB.

To achieve this, they “made a completely new code”, which means that we will have a request for a messenger too fast for fast loading and urgent current needs. Goes away

Although marketing cannot directly impact it, we can see more people using this Messenger to use light and fast. Not only because current expectations will be high, especially in the mobile environment, and before that, the previous Messenger is 70MB smaller.

It makes people easy on the device, which keeps in place an inadequate storage space to find space to maintain its location. And more companies provide more reasons to understand robots and manager channels.

  1. Close Friends Group – 5 changes coming to Facebook Messenger

Future features that can be incredible for companies are close friends of friends.

Itis is unclear what the official name of this function was, but the purpose is to associate “private” content with Facebook users and connect with their close friends and family.

The user has already been able to define the list of nearby friends, and group members also publish this group. This new feature has privacy differences.

Facebook wants its users to see others or to be able to share content with close friends instead of worrying about the future.

Users can create multiple groups based on initial screenshots. This differs from the “close friends” feature, where the user is just an a list.

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In this sense, these groups feel like a lot of group chat and pay more attention to content than simple text.

It needs to be made clear that companies can be included in these groups, or their businesses can also be created. I hope that, especially later, because it has huge potential as its powerful marketing channel. Allows companies to communicate with direct groups of specific customers or classes.

Another way this is influential is in a business with multiple branches or branches. The group can be created to allow these separate branches to communicate and share content directly with their local customers everywhere.

This potentially, using this group’s feature, will experience more fluidity for location-specific Facebook pages. In addition, we do not have to fight for the lack of organic publications in news programs.

Alternatively, B2B marketers can use these groups as an easy-to-use interaction with all interested parties in the potential customer company.

  1. Better Group Video Viewing

Seeing normal videos is an increasing trend. The proof is that the success of the transmission platform is continuously serious; there are 150,000 users, and it will help promote the YouTube community.

People watch movies and want content with creators and other viewers. Facebook also wants to increase users’ ability to participate in video content.

We first saw it on Facebook by live streaming.

Then, in July of last year, Facebook created watch parties. This function allows groups to manage sports surveillance, which is user-friendly and allows them to discuss video hosting sites as a whole and in real-time. This festival has created many promises, 8 times more, and normal video post comments on Facebook.

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The next logical step is to use Messenger for Facebook, watch parties and watch videos. According to Facebook, users can “share Facebook messaging video transparently and invite others when they send text messages or video chat.”

This is a very powerful tool, especially with Messenger’s desktop application. The main features of Messenger on the desktop are video calls.

Seeing all the additional benefits of the video will also be invaluable for internal marketing.

From now on, you can add a video chat email group of six people, but more than 50 people can hear. Although they cannot talk, they can absorb the video and group content and see the progress in the conversation.

We can broadcast an interview audience with our desktop or video content elements and chat through more information.

This can be a new web platform where users can connect more easily.

  1. Messenger Lead Ads Templates & Appointment Booking

I will do my best. It provides the most direct marketing capability for the updated business.

Here’s Facebook Error in this development:

“We help advertise more companies with potential customers by adding a high-grade model to Ad Manager, where companies can easily create simple questions and answer sessions that run to know people in more detail. To facilitate decision-making businesses, such as car dealers, designers or cleaning services, about your customer’s announcements, we have made a dating experience so that people “talk with affection”.

Companies can easily use Qaida and Messenger to specify the track through Q & A and then replace it with the fixed socket.

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This process is extremely automated, and Facebook has also added that more models and answers provide real customer service agents.

In other words, this feature is more than just a conversation. Open responses or long-term entries may require more work. The line can be transferred to a living human agent in those cases.

In addition, if the company has chosen to gain more capacity for bit investment in Messenger, it can benefit from this feature and provide more opportunities for impact benefits.

Customers want to like their brands and their own companies.

Facebook is gradually deploying reservations for different types of companies. Please continue to pay attention to your opportunity!

Results on the New Features of Facebook Messenger

Putting Facebook privacy very seriously here improves the communication between the “most discussion friends” and networks across the network.

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On the surface, it looks like a terrible business and gives them the impression that they leave the most important activities outside Facebook and Messenger users.

These functions open new marketing portals and provide new channels with great potential effects.

(5 Changes Coming to Facebook Messenger)

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