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Smart Speaker: Study Reveals that 4 in 10 Users Join in Shopping-Related Activities

The study that shows how US consumers use smart speakers reveals 4 in 10 are engaging in shopping-related activities.

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The e Marketer report shows that users may not buy products with smart speakers, but more consumers engage in activities that can lead to purchases.

When you use smart speakers for shopping:

  • 15%of users are searching for products
  • 15%of users request product recommendations
  • 12%of users add items to their cart before ordering with another device.

Marketer predicts that in 2019, 27% of users will use smart speakers to buy at least once.

“We expect the number of smart speakers in the United States to be over 77 million this year. A large part of intelligent speaker shopping and buyers can be a fast-growing trend. “

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Smart speakers still have a lot of work to do, with 58% of users in the US. UU. They have never used and do not want to use smart speakers to buy.

Only 4%said they used smart speakers at least once, while 2% regularly bought them.

However, the outlook for smart speakers is promising, as 28% of respondents are at least interested in buying a smart speaker.

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The most significant barrier in this market seems to be that most smart speakers do not offer users the opportunity to see the product before buying it.

As more devices like Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show arrive in their home countries, the number of smart speaker events is increasing.

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