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 Fifteen years ago, my life changed forever.

Fortunately, I was born into a close family near the night (there were a twin sister and two brothers), and when I immediately mourned, I was angry.

There is nothing that creates for you at all.

When you feel safe in any world that feels safe and disappointed without warning, there is no guide on keeping your mood flowing.

After many years, I realized that sharing experiences, helping others and being alone can help deal with your everyday life.

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When Your World Has Fallen by You

Let me go back to when I was 15 years old and in college, sitting in the house and watching TV at midnight on Tuesdays.

Phone range My mother did not expect me anything: My brother disappeared in Nicaragua.

She spent three weeks in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. My brother is a traveler who travelled and preferred to meet new friends on the way.

The strange thing is that I felt very generous. I started to laugh and had to call my friend to get more information because I felt very serious from the beginning.

It was found that after six days, it came to know that a few days ago, he and an American friend had gone to the Ometepe Islands in Nicaragua.

The rest of the night is cloudy, but in other aspects, I remember all the details are fine.

Back in London, in the next few weeks, too much faded. Our community support is incredible, which allows us to fully resolve the dream.

There is nothing that prepares me to see my brother’s brother’s face in the newspaper, an interview with a national newspaper, and I do not know that I’ll see my brother again.

More than two weeks later, Costa Rican Ambassador confirmed the worst news.

I do does not think I’ll I’ll feel like this: my whole world knows it it’s it’s getting worse around me. I do not have to.

The next week and month need to be clarified. I came back to university so that my education could be completed. This is a huge challenge, but I want to do so with my close friends, which is not a year later.

I have a terrible attack, and sadness will hit me in error. Sometimes, if we are laughing, we have got rid of the incredible emotional trauma that we have continued to continue and continue.

I accepted two types of consultation: The first month, and two years later, I had to face a new struggle to keep everything.

The truth is that people do not usually talk about death.

The most difficult things I have to learn very quickly are difficult to respond to others.

We are is very fortunate to see that such strong support in our family is a network and a very good friend who is always with me.

But some people do not know what to say so they will avoid you.

Whenever I meet a new person, I am the new owner, a new partner or a new friend, Ido does not know how and when I can tell them about the events of this life. He created my people today.

The Grief Cycle

Reading “Optional B” a few years ago is very impressive, and it helps to recognize that there is no solution to every emotion and every stage of pain.

Some people like to be open, to keep others in this way.

If anyone has experienced dangerous or difficult incidents in life or if he knows that those who love, I cannot give much advice.

One of the many parts of this book that I had brought out when he said that sometimes you need to cope with people: “How are you today?”

This word can be honored when many people do not know what to say.

Ina specific sense, the most difficult part of dealing with death or months when it is not a major concern.

First, everyone dynamically, but life has gone, and it reminds me of some people. However, it will treat you every day; it will usually affect your day or your mood, usually, at least expect you.

You can face all the feelings that are incredibly sad and frustrated.

My sister esteemed sadness with the model of change to change the curry curve.

However, ” the “depressive cycle” is released and never ends, but you may be at different times at any time during your grief.

Sometimes, when he arises, he still determines where he will go for the rest of the day.

I’m glad to know that he can change every day, and the day or day of breakfast can go along with a smooth day.

Coping with Grief

There are not enough formulas to cope with grief, and with the right help, things are easy to manage, but you will never do what you used to do.

The truth is that the time passes, I do not think about every moment of every day.

However, sometimes its purpose will surprise me, and sometimes I’ll I’ll expect it.

For the second time, one of my brother’s brother’s favorite bands reminds me of the moments of joy when listening to triggers, smiling, or seeing deep grief.

Over many years, I have learned to cope daily with important lessons of sadness.

Everything will not resonate, but their share will help those who have experienced this period.

Keep in mind that this solution may prove helpful in your negative cycle; at different times, potentially annually or not, all are different.

Take a while. We all live busy lives; spending is easy, and we do not waste time missing and thinking.

When I do not know, sometimes it creates creativity.

One-hour schedule to talk about this person, become a family member, friend or adviser. It helps deal with.

When I consult, I can save my brother every week, stay a day and know that I have to talk about my lost time.

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  1. There is No Good Way

One of them is here because the most important thing about our loss is that we have learned on our way home.

Some people want to talk about it, but not others.

For example, every year, we always do the same as my brother’s brother’s envy: If we go to the cemetery, I leave one day; if we stay home, etc.

We all have different approaches, and accepting these differences is necessary.

  1. Save Your Memory

I found my brother still very useful in finding ways to survive, and it is part of his life in connection with friends or many traditional traditions.

On Christmas occasions, my brother’s brother’s birthday is always a hard day.

In the first year, I had an idea of ​​putting a balloon to be marked in the garden. It has become an annual tradition that we work with our families each year, whether in parks or any other garden.

Its beauty is that it can be done anywhere in the world. Sometimes family members go abroad; we have done this with Facetime in different countries.

It’sIt’s always an exciting time to walk together in the sky, but I’m very thankful.

  1. Put Your Energy into Positive Things

In many years, I also found that there are some that you are interested in, that you are depressed, and your emotions are focused on something positive.

For me, it’s going on. It became my ” “I” time, and I reflected on that time.

Ten years ago, I ran to the Marathon of London in memory of my brother; thousands of people took the heart of the brother’s charity brother’s charity.

We remember the trust and organization of many fundraising activities in memory of the younger brothers, and the music has been funded by night to fund the children’s children’s music center(Passionate Guitarist), besides fundraising their names in many names. Does.

  1. You are Not Alone

If I had one thing 15 years ago, I want to learn more about dealing with depressive everyday life.

Sometimes people think they’re going through it, but they can know how to cope with it. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

There are more places to help you in the most difficult times.

Many podcasts, meetings and books are depressing. I encourage you or someone who uses these resources to help you during these difficulties.

I mentioned Option B, and I have a whole website that includes other people’s stories people’s stories and can cry with groups and many other resources you can join.

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Toum Up

The truth is that you will laugh and have a good time again, but you’ll always be part of what is not.

There are no formulas to follow, but if you remove an article from this article, it is the time to reflect, reflect, and reflect on your life in your life.

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