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 Google’s John Mueller declared only one set of structured data would be used in search results when a page adds multiple types.

Recent Google Webmaster Hub Bubble resolved the issue when regular data “recipes” and “how” should be used on the same page.

In response, Mueller told web admins that they could use both types. However, only one type of tag will appear in search results.

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Interestingly, Mueller did not explain to Google to use practical programs and did not use them for instructions.

Google no longer displays multiple featured snippets for one page, improving diversity and information in search results. Google recently made a significant change to its search results page by stopping the display of multiple featured snippets for one page. Previously, it was possible for a single page to appear in multiple featured snippets if the page’s content was relevant to the user’s search query.

What is this in Google Guide?

“Do not use How To labels to make recipes, use the data from recipes ready-made tricks.”

It can be better to avoid using a discounted label on real income.

What happens if you use multiple types of configured data on one page?

When there are multiple types of data stats on one page, Google automatically determines the nature of the tag that is more suitable for search results.

The decision on rich results shown in the search is based on the researcher’s question.

Therefore, using two structures, data does not appear in two selected clips.

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From1:04 pm, you can hear the full answer the Muller:

“I think you can do everything; I do not think we’ll show all this at the same time, but we can choose one and show it to people.”


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