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 Learn how to start using structured data. Whether you are taking part in paid search advertising or trying to climb organic search rankings, the landscape is competitive.

The quest for payment is easy because it helps to promote additional budget efforts.

Inorganic research, you are often responsible for helping material, expertise, and technical team. In addition, the results take time.

I am a lawyer to improve the conversion rate because it can lead to a faster and maximum return.

Advanced data search results have a fast-spot solution.

Let’s look.

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What is structured data?

The configured data is your way to predict the content and submit it with standard prices in which search engines help you understand your content.

Imagine that you lead it to your website’s search engines and compare it with Google orBing, and allow you to recognize all aspects of your content and discover you.

In 2011, was founded in partnership with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. They create a standard predefined price that I mentioned earlier, the birth of “pattern.”

The pattern of the pattern values ​​means, which include:

Article scope: Basically, it serves as a container. Announce a new project, a set of name prices.

Type of element: This is a child. All features are associated with specific types and will be analyzed with type URLs in

Attribute factor: This is an error of a specific subset associated with the element type.

You can choose from hundreds of project features on

You should select the most specific and relevant attributes to record your content.

This is one of the many rules that Google has announced for used data labels and projects.

They also realized where the tag is and when needed instead of providing the prices for content.

By applying a managed data set, you will see the availability of different deployment formats, including:

  • Microdata.
  • RDF.
  • JSON-LD.

In 2017, Google announced that GSON-LD is preferred.

The following is an example of the JSON-LD format.

How do we come here?

Why is regular data search your favorite webmaster? It’s easy when you make an ahistorical timeline.

In retrospect, shortly after the creation of, in 2012, the knowledge map reached Google’s search results.

Here, we see that Google is no longer with organic material content and paid ads, which include several sources, information, an information panel, and information maps from multiple sources.

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Built-in data sites allow Google to understand specific card values ​​and appear on their web pages, including phone numbers, symbols, social profiles, and more.

In 2013, Google announced the “Hummingbird” release. This is a great optimization of Google Algorithms. The results involved in the major change result in the results based on the application to start in response to research intentions.

In the following example, a few years ago, “Italian” searched for information on the country or language.

We can see that Google is providing matching results for local interest in local Italian restaurants.

In 2015, Rank Bryan was responsible for understanding all the search queries that Google had never seen before.

Rank Brain is a synthetic intelligence component of the Google Algorithm that learns continuous search behavior so that it is suitable for their behavior to improve the search engine’s ability to produce results.

Last decade’s events have to tag the content to help the engine provide the most relevant results to find its event in this timeline.

What do you think? They are ready to give you a prize for it too!

Why do structure data use? – Start using structured data.

It seems like a lot of work; why do we do it?

With Google and Bing to better understand the content of our site, we can get more complete web search results.

Once called “rich snippets,” they are now called “rich results. “It can be in organic results in cards, carousels, organic data boxes, and such a form.

The following are examples of common results and patterns of patterns that can help you get these display formats.

Product offer

Possible to show information about the product before clicking on the website. It can attract your product’s worth, availability, and competitiveness for more traffic.


Eventually, the event is handled with organic results in the area.

Keeping this in mind, it can stand out of the package if your website can provide specific events or details about this incident.


What do we have to do with Google and Bing listing checks?

Yes, the ability to get location information helps to move this information into the company’s knowledge panel.

Website (search box)

If you do not have an account yet, register now! This video has been sent wrong.

You can use brand search to find someone who can find out your search results and find out which areas of the site you want to visit.

It allows a short click and directs the user directly to the desired content.

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I offer you the second, third, and fourth opportunities to attract visitors to another website.

Use this tag to display pages from your sites in your organic list. This is usually a page on the ranking page.

However, if the rating page does not appeal to them, it is a great way to attract visitors.

Job posting

(As of course, LinkedIn and Glassdoor A), While filling out the results with sites with job ads, Google can list their pages and sites so that publishing works on your page personal work Work will describe the data.

It’s great because candidates “now” about “our people,” “mission,” and other pages, with a single click, can leave their “culture” to understand the culture of your company.

Where structured data headed – Start using structured data

Okay, hurry up! Due to sound search, the model is growing and will continue to do so.

In recent years, we have witnessed the process of processing projects, frequently asked questions, and questions and answers. They are the best to reach the “zero position” before the organic search results.

Its importance is increasing as a search for increasing sound as consumers often perform such questions.

What is the next step in structuring data? – Start using structured data

Bid able is currently a new type of project that allows you to label the content of your webpage, which is better for reading the audio through speech synchronization.

Wait to encourage because this feature is available only for information. However, this is the research direction, and the search engines are preparing for it.

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How to use structured data

If you had an opportunity to visit and mark the problem, do not worry, your tools can help you.

Google Structure Data Helper is the best way to help you create organized data from your site’s content.

You must highlight page content by selecting preferred scheme types and providing a URL.

Once this happens, you can choose to download a markup in the form of JSON-LD.

One of the advantages of this is that you can get all the features of the elements available to the specific element. It can quickly detect missing page content, which will also help to detect a search engine or user.

Loss: This device is best for you if you have some pages requiring a specific type of scheme. You need additional development or encryption if you have multiple pages to tag.

You made your brand, but did you do that?

Google can also help here. Google’s managed data test tool is an effective way to correct your brand page through page.

The beauty of this tool is that it will first show the data organized by the type of article. By searching for the tool, you can check any existing errors or warning issues from the property.

I am structured data, and now what?

It’s time to analyze your rich outcomes. The Google Search Console provides deeper modification capabilities by item type for the data you create.

Although you can see the general impression and behavior of the total time, the ability to question and, more importantly, the surface of the page will be useful.

In this case, a page-level review allows you to check whether the print level is up or down.

Due to their lack of them, they are the best candidates to run Google’s compiled data testing tool. Here, you might see errors or warnings that require optimization.

Also, GoogleWo Doesn’t Show Up Multiple Featured Snippets for One Page.

Use it if available! – Start using structured data

If a search engine has provided an opportunity to provide data, you can provide everything that you can provide.


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