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 At this time, Google Search Console includes three types of structured data in the rich results report in the Search console.

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The following structured information is now displayed in the Search Console:

  • ProductMarkup: Allows Google to view detailed product information in search results.
  • SitelinkSearchbox Markup: Allows Google to display a search box that allows users to search the site content.
  • Unparsable types: Refers to structured information that is not implemented correctly.

E-commerce web developers can now easily use the Google search console to see if Google can read the labels for all their products.

Besides, they can quickly identify a set of tags containing errors and immediately troubleshoot. This update provides webmasters with more insights on their website’s performance in search results and allows them to optimize their structured data accordingly.

Google has added three new types of structured data to its Search Console reports: FAQs, How-to Guides, and Q&A pages. These updates provide webmasters with more insights into how their website’s structured data is performing in search results and allow them to optimize their data accordingly.

Structured data is an essential component of SEO, providing search engines with more information about a page’s content. This information can then be used to generate rich snippets, such as FAQs or How-to Guides, which appear directly in search results.

Google stated that only the ability to create these types of structured data reports is new. These things may be unique.

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These three tag types are included in the following standards, which are already supported by Rich Reports:

  • Event
  • FAQ
  • Fact Check
  • How-to
  • Job posting
  • Logo
  • Q&A page
  • Recipe


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