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A recent report reveals YouTube algorithm update has been rolled out in July – and creators are sad about it.

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According to Bloomberg, YouTube updated its algorithms in early July to improve the visibility of “quality” children’s content.

As a result, some channels had the most massive audience, while others had a smaller number.

This update is essential for anyone who creates child content.

What Happened? YouTube Algorithm Update.

YouTube confirmed the latest Bloomberg update with a free statement:

“We make hundreds of changes every year to make it easier for people to find what they want to see on YouTube. We recently made this change to improve the ability of users to find quality home content. “

According to the report, YouTube has updated its algorithm to reassure the FTC. YouTube does do not publish updates to authors because they cannot understand what this means.

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Some children’s content channels have seen a significant drop in viewership, while other channels that produce the same type of content have seen a considerable increase.

Creators are now wondering whether they should continue producing content for children if a lost audience is not coming back.

Bloomberg believes the update is intended for certain networks that create animated content for child-only viewing.

As all SEO players know, Google doesn’t like the system people try to play with.

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Logically, YouTube uses algorithms to find conversations. However, it also affects other channels that offer children a higher quality.

The creator needs to know why the changes are being made and how to restore them.

This update will affect children’s videos.

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