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 Google is no longer displaying results from Bing’s ‘Discover’ section, which had sent a lot of traffic over recent months.

The search engines received an alert from Edd Wilson’s problem. He also posted a screenshot of the semi-rush on Twitter:

Google and Bing discovered that the SEO traffic increased by the end of the previous year. Before the stability in July, reference traffic peaked at over 4 million visits per month.

By searching for the Google-Bing Discovery section, it is easy to understand that you do not currently receive referral traffic.

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As you can see, the Discovery section is indexed in Google. Google and Bing are competitors, but Google does something like this.

Similarly, what is Google doing to send more than 4 million visitors to a Bing image search engine?

I pulled it out to see what happened here, and I would get the answer.

What does this mean, and why is it necessary?

In addition to our information on AIDS, I just found another discussion related to this topic.

This year of April, TLDR SEO published an article about Google’s discovery of the recent increase in traffic to search for Bing.

He felt that the Bing search section is best for finding pages. SEO ideas are considered well during the establishment of the page.

In addition, the Bing Discovering Website will be fixed at the end of the previous year, when it is recommended to increase traffic. Google Puts a Stop to Sending Referral Traffic to Bing’s Discover Section

Then Sitemap fixes the analysis errors and adds another 14-site map compared to the previous site’s map. In April this year, Google indicated more than 400,000 pages of Bing Discover.

Increasingindex of index pages can explain the increase in traffic. But it still does not explain that the end of the page is over.

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Why did Google de-index Bing Discover?

I cannot believe the page index has been done, but at least I can offer a chance.

The Bing Discovering section is another combination of search results technically. Google Put a close to Sending Referral Traffic to Bing’s Discover Section. Because of its incredible quality, Google is not connected to search results pages on other platforms.

It’s enough that Bing’s discovery cannot be applied; it does not mention that it’s not good for Google to send millions of visitors.

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The potential reason is that the index has yet to be made. Again, it is not confirmed in any way.

Does this affect the site owner?

This change may affect some website owners, especially if they have earned huge revenue from the search of Bang Photo in recent months.

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The increase in organic traffic in the search for recent Bangphoto is expected to return to the previous level. In addition, there should be no clear effect.

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