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 Microsoft Advertising is updating and changing its dynamic search ads with longer titles and an added description field.

As a result, Microsoft Dynamic Search Ads are comparable to Google.

With updated ads, you can:

  • Use up to two additional description fields as described.
  • Both descriptions represent a maximum of 90 characters.
  • Take advantage of dynamically generated headers.

We recommend that you use additional description fields to customize your ads with new information further.

Microsoft has updated its Dynamic Search Ads feature, enabling advertisers to create longer titles and descriptions for their search ads. This update provides more flexibility to advertisers and allows them to create more comprehensive and informative ads for their products or services. The longer titles and descriptions also allow advertisers to include more keywords, which can improve the ad’s relevance and performance. Overall, this update provides more opportunities for advertisers to create effective search ads and reach their target audience.

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However, because not all devices guarantee a second description, you must include the main text in the first description field.

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Dynamic Search Ads can be generated through the Campaign Management API or in-kind.

This update is for countries that support Dynamic Search Ads campaigns in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Canada, and Australia.


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