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 Google John Mueller recently highlighted that a sitelinks search box might take up to four weeks to appear in search results.

This topic was discussed in the central Google webmaster chat, which asked questions about the time it took to display the search box for additional links in search results.

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Search boxes for additional links may appear longer than other tags.

According to Google’s John Mueller, this is because Google wants its content to be available on long-term websites.

For other types of tags, Google can track them once or twice and display them in search results. Instead, the search box for a site link may take up to a month.

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So, don’t be discouraged if you’ve implemented a Sitemap search box that you still need to see on Google.

Mr. Google John Mueller also noted that Google does not need to display the site’s link search window just because it uses tags.

As with any other type of structured data, Google may or may not decide to show fruitful results. In general, it depends on whether it is useful for the requirements of researchers.

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Listen to Mueller’s full response from 43:06 pm:

“In the search box for additional links, I saw that setting up tags on your site takes a lot of time.

Thus, unlike other types of content, we can explore this page once or twice and then show this fruitful result in the search results.

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Ultimately, we need a search box for a site link. Sometimes it takes a month or more to search the search results. “

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