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 I delayed jotting down this article. Not because I am a procrastinator (though a great limit never causes suffering in my outputs) but because I was unsure what to say.


Because sometimes, I always struggle with what I have to say. Sometimes I find it challenging to combine the personal use of social networks and my daily fieldwork.

social Media Story

At the end of my academic career, social networking became an essential part of my life. Instagram has just begun, followed by a new world of beautiful faces and places.

As an advertising and PR expert after finding a permanent job after graduation, personal branding has always been integral to my life. I started enjoying my brand and changed my BIOS and profile picture repeatedly.

Besides, I worked as the head of the social networking department at my university, where I managed the social accounts of all students.

My life began to revolve around brands and social networks because I was lucky enough to get an internship in social networks after an internship at a marketing firm and an intimate concert before graduating.

Everything is fine. Before I graduated, I found a job and created my resume. I’m terrific with social networks and their brand.

But this experience led to a magnificent obsession.

With this experience, I choose my life path and who I am at a young age. I prefer more attention to my digital version than to the original digital version.

Suddenly, according to my taste, Followers and brands decide my values, not my life, and how I take it off the screen.

Why is this happening?

Because it’s my job.

My work focuses on customer acquisition, strategic knowledge, and brand strategy. I forgot

I forgot that my photos shouldn’t add statistics every month. I forgot that my life is not an adventure.

I forgot.

And because of my addiction to social networks, this is my life.

I have access, and I feel very strategic. I have my clients, and I’m always on time and focused.

Alright, it’s dramatic.

To say that my life is just a social network is a lie, but it’s an important part.

I often compare myself to others because I only look at another person’s “ideal” life on screen. I treat my social networks and my life as a strategic brand.

For example, it happened in my head: “I have to go here because this pictureis cool this week.”

Reading seems crazy again, but many people, whether they are social networks or non-marketers, say this is a fact many of us face in today’s connected world.

We’re doing things to improve social networks or the digital self, but not really.

As an asocial media and marketing manager, this problem has increased for me least. This is a specific fact that the Internet is tiring. I am concerned because I skip the next step and play the game in the digital world.

Sometimes this is always the case.

I didn’t have all the answers, and I still found it challenging to fight, but for years of working on social networks and for personal reasons, clients told me that:

You can have two worlds simultaneously suppress (mainly) exhaustion, live more freely, and still kill society for your clients and media careers.

But to do this, we have to work hard.

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Strategies for Managing Social Media Use

Let’s look at some of the strategies I’m trying to implement.

1. Schedule Designated (Personal) Social Media Times

Once when I woke up, I realized that I have long lived through the social network lenses. I wouldn’t like it.

Although I like my clients and social networks, I need to change something. Here I represent everyday life without social networks (individuals).

I have been publishing stories or ideas on social networks for many months, only on weekends when I could play and play. On Sunday night, I promised not to use them anymore.

In the meantime, as I compare games, my life becomes more productive and less motivating.

I need to make changes to get rid of these platforms. Remember, I’m not my “social media platform,” but they are an additional tool that will benefit my clients and me.

Although I have yet to practice Monday through Friday without social networks, I will consider this problem when I find my relationship with this technique too controlled.

I avoid working half an hour every day, and I can look into my ship, study the industry, and be connected to other major digital marketing professionals.

I sometimes spend more than half an hour when something happens.

Of course, you can.

Adding this to my calendar allows me to relax for a week, concentrate and ‘flow’ so that my clients can execute big projects and solve strategic tasks on social networks instead of worrying about changing the algorithm that day.

Another strategy I implemented was to create a Feedly account to follow industry news for the marketing industry and my clients. It helps me track the trend without feeling depressed or as if I often lose something.

Focus on trends without having to dive into your day.

2. Manage Your Accessibility

Now that we have looked at essential schedules, we are talking about physical limitations.

Not everyone can implement all of these strategies, including myself.

But you will find a few steps below to eliminate part of your daily attention.

Remove apps from Social Media on Your Phone.

The author introduced me to this and the next paragraph.

Delete the social app from your phone or device if possible.

Have I won my hand all the time? Of course not.

But I practice this from time to time to give myself a mini-detox.

Disable Notification

I received all notifications except phone calls.

It took me many years to realize that everything is fine if I answer for another 30 seconds.

Of course, this is not possible, for example, during events important to the client or press releases. But generally, deleting the message only affects my life and career more effectively.

Take Days off the Grid

You can thank Ron Swanson for this.

I recently went to an island near Rhode Island to spend the weekend. I decided(inhaled) to put the phone in my bag and leave it at home.

Honestly, I didn’t have his skin a bit awkward at first. “What did my hand do?!” In about an hour, I don’t need to support your group in making life happen. displeasure

It is imperative to remember. Take a day, two or an hour a month, and then remove the phone.

Another effective strategy was to take a vacation or close my social media account.

While I admit that I stayed only a short time, it is clear that this is a company (probably).

3. Control Consumption

I recently read Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Most of the book offers readers unusual ways to manage our digital lives.

Ever since I read this book, I have done something (I heard a voice version …ironically saying that I do not reject it)

Some of the things I mentioned earlier, such as limited time, were repeated while reading this book. But there are other essential things: managing content consumption.

I started practicing time and physical limitations to use social networks for people, but I needed to think of a conscious approach to what it meant to me.

After reading this book, I did two important things:

I’ Unfollowed’ Accounts

I realized that for many years, following different accounts on all platforms, I swam every day to content that did not serve me.

I searched for a long time (this is a very long time, this is not a short process), followed closely the people I follow on all platforms and did not “follow” the accounts that did not add me. life

After the first analysis, I have done this several times because now we can collect only those reports that are very easy to control.

This digital detox helps me control what I see and live and supports the educational content I consume, inspire, and encourage.

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I bookmarked Facebook Birthdays.

It is the second sentence in Cal Newport’s book. We look every morning on Facebook and explain who will be the anniversary, and I have learned to appreciate and trust this topic.

For some reason, this is very important. I will not lose a single birthday if I lose my birthday or my schedule; yes, Facebook always supports me.

In order not to drive out the rabbits connected to Facebook, I suggest you make a “Birthday” quote every morning on the Facebook page to get the information you need and move on.

Hey, keep going!

4. Create a Strategy.

As much time and physical restraints as you can help if you do not change to make these changes.

Now I know you, a digital marketing expert, have a “question strategy,” while changes in algorithm, results, participation conditions and performance are coming into our mind.

Using your social networks can certainly be a strategy, especially if trying to set yourself up as a think tank or join an industry. But it is also important to remember to play.

Social networks have initially been a place for social meetings. One of the main reasons I enjoy using social networks is that I will remember and be creative for many years.

Using your social networks is a great way to try something for your customers.

Whether increasing the use of GIFs or aesthetic changes: personal social media platforms, performance issues are less critical; they are important places for media administrators.

Also, remember that I am indeed, regardless of the algorithm or potential performance promise; let me balance my thinking with a strategic creative spirit, ultimately creating the best conditions for me and the customer spirit.

Be willing to Evolve As I mentioned earlier, personal branding and social networks have occupied me for some time, and I am facing this problem today.

While many customers and brands are more willing to try new ideas over time, we often limit ourselves to branded customers because we create content and update profiles on social networks every day.

It is important to remember if your brand is essential and needs such an approach, it is your reflection. And you will reflect on its evolution over time.

As you grow and change, get ready for your brand to do the same.

I often attend funny events. I tell myself that I only have to publish pictures in black, white, and pink or that I have to limit myself to a lifestyle because this is a biography. Social networks This is not the case.

Brian Solis explains in Life scale that it is vital to continue building and developing as we grow and become attached to digital devices and platforms.

What he wrote left me: “Practice with former artists.”

You’re on Instagram. Your Instagram presence should be your image for your development. As you grow, don’t be afraid to try something new and develop your social networks.

One last thought

I am balancing my career in social networks with personal use, and I always have to check and be honest with myself.

This reading will give your ideas, and you should consider them when managing your relationships with social networks and personal brands in your daily work.

Some of these strategies apply to you, while others do not. I’m not going to sit here saying I do them all the time because I didn’t. This is a process.

This process continuously evolves, like his clients, social networks, personal brands, and strategy.

So why should I follow these steps?

If this happens from time to time, why don’t I go?

The answer is that I love her.

I want to make a brand, and social networks, connect with people and customers and target the audience: this is what I can do.

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Enjoy social networking and branding while enjoying your vacation.

You can stand out from social networks and brands without spending it all.

I have learned to work overtime and apply different methods for balancing connections, which is essential to avoid fatigue and allow me to continue to grow and motivate uranium for myself and my clients.



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