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 According to Mark Ritson of Marketing Week, “Kraft Heinz is in 57 varieties of trouble,” – which is a reality.

Established by the American Food Company, Kraft Foods, and H. J. Heinz four years ago, it is the fifth-largest food and world beverage company, with net sales of around $ 26 billion in 2018.

Ritson, an award-winning marketing columnist, believes in the teacher and consultant in the UK that has lost some experiences of Kraft Heinz self-destruction and needs to adopt the trend of modern people in his brand her product portfolio. Is.

However, it does not want to harm any company, so this description is prolonged.

It was shot by heading Sheriff Bart when Harriet Johnson was abducted, who reminds me of the scene in “Hot Set.” Does anyone help the poor man? “

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YouTube and Kraft Heinz: Strategic Threats and Opportunities

Although it may be too late, I’ll help this lousy brand. Test

Yes, I have tried.

In March 2015, I looked at the insight of the YouTube Channel Kraft Guy’s pipeline. I was “amazed to see a small isolated island, which was given a high percentage of foods for videos on YouTube, as much as There is a strategic threat as a strategic opportunity for the food wall.

Did you consider my proposal? Judge for yourself

According to the Tbilisi labs, a video uploaded by the Kraft Hans brand saw by 8.4 million people in the first quarter of 2015.

However, one of the 2.7 billion visits per year was small in all the brands registered in the food and beverage industry during the quarter.

In the first quarter of 2019, the Kraft Heinz brand had 57.2 million viewers on YouTube. At first glance, this is a big step forward.

However, all brands in the food and beverage industry visit 10.2 billion in this quarter. Any advantage is a rounding error.

Four years later, YouTube is a threat and a strategic opportunity for Kraft Heinz.

Recently, I was in Fortune 500 companies in consumer orders (FMCG) and consumer orders for a particular digital online training program in the field (CPG).

On both sides of the pond, these companies are struggling to transfer from the World of television advertisements in the twentieth century to the new World of marketing without violating my privacy agreement — the Digital World 21st century.

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What Went Wrong?

Therefore, why do companies like Kraft Heinz and other users and consumer goods fight for more time than most companies in most industries?

Well, they can use the wrong indicator as an indicator of performance. In other words, they measured the wrong things.

When you measure bad things, you are mistakenly confident that you are getting your business and marketing goals. But in most cases, you will find 57 types of problems.

I share with you the scientific parameters involved in the exact settings of Highway Kraft and many other IT companies and Consumption 57 issues.

He has continued to measure success through a prepared indicator in 1950 TV: Total score.

The GOP now evaluates the size of a campaign based on the expected range using the frequency formula.

For example, if you broadcast five ads from your target audience of up to 7% in your television program, you will get 35 GPS.

It is an important way because it has been used for decades. But in real life, most of this small group of target viewers can overlook their television’s views in the fourth and fifth sections.

Some people may be sad because the same business has repeatedly returned to the bloody show. It means that your ads have increased their sales to some extent for the first three times.

It could be.

But maybe not.

As David Ogilvy wrote in his classic book “Ogilvy on Advertising”:

“Ba dad can reduce sales of a product.” Then he quoted two studies to support his provocative results. In the first market survey, Ford’s market research found that “those who do not expose themselves to advertisements do buy Ford compared to the buyers.” In the second case, the so-called beer brand consumption “is better than them to remember their ads; the bribery spent millions of dollars for the sale of beer.”

For example, the GPR operates the number of impressions you buy; your ads do not answer their target audience.

In other words, the GPR input measures, not the results.

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Therefore, although they have used television advertising for the decades of the 1950s, the GPR should not be used as an indicator for digital marketing today.

Which Metrics Should Kraft Heinz Use as KPIs?

This question arises: Does Kraft Heinz should use parameters as critical indicators?

According to Marketer, global ecommerce will increase by 20.7 percent in 2019, reaching$ 3.5 billion. But it is only 14% of the global retail market, and this year it will reach $ 25 billion.

A grocery store is one of the most outdoor categories in electronic trade. According to e Marketer last year, only 2.8 percent of the sale of food and beverage online had been sold in the previous year.

As a result, most FCCC consumers and consumers’ goods will sell in traditional stores.

It tells us that Kraft Heinz and other companies still up to retail channels are gradually accepting digital marketing.

But some assumptions have yet to be made to explain how the part has been set while deciding what to do to use these standards as an indicator of quality measurements of university professors, marketing and advertising agencies. Future performance in the future. Digital age

Improve Brand

For example, after knowing Susan Vajpayee’s speech in February 2013, more marketing executives in consumer and consumer goods industries should be after Google’s Vice President.

In his speech, he announced that the Google brand is starting a lift survey.

With these devices, marketers can measure YouTube’s impact on metrics, such as:

  • Create mark
  • A reminder
  • Thinking
  • good feelings
  • Intention to purchase

It can do through surveys in a random control group where advertisements do not see and see public groups of your ads.

Also, the Google branding solution uses the natural search on Google and YouTube to affect the brand engagement of your campaign.

You can think that some Kyrgyz food marketers may find Google published Mondelēz International Case Study in October with Google.


The the Mondelēz snack brand was a part of Kraft Foods until the division in October 2012.

The case study also tells how to use Mondelēz Google brand lift solutions to measure the business impacts of the start of the sale of Bell Vita and Travel Unlimited Brands in Brazil.

Here’s a success story: Brand lift shows valuable information about audience retention, target audience, and frequency ranges.

According to these results, Mondelēz marketing professionals quickly adjusted their acquisitions and creators in a few days. Apple-Chinese Chinese breakfast bagged 26%, and its gum brand held 36% in its campaign on YouTube.

Now, brand promotion is a better KPI better than many random GRPs.

If you have questions about this statement, ask your university professor, marketing, or advertising agency: “How many GRPs are needed in brand identification by 26% or 36 percent?

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As you know, this is a difficult problem because there is no connection between the increase in the awareness of JP and the brand.

Brand Promotion + Sales Promotion

But wait, there is more!

In January 2019, YouTube and Nelson Catalina Solutions presented a new way of measuring sales growth. As a result, Kraft Heinz marketing experts can now effectively implement their current YouTube business transition activities in the United States.

Now, this is a strategic opportunity and a strategic threat.

Each month, the strategic opportunity for almost 2 billion connected users to go to YouTube is clear.

But the strategic threat is also evident.

Marketers of other consumer and consumer goods companies have already used brand and market research to measure their online advertising campaigns.

They also use tools like YouTube Director Mix to distribute personal video ads based on the interests and intentions of different fields.

It means that marketers can customize essential video elements according to relevant creative components:

  • Values
  • Image
  • Price
  • Translation
  • Ardmore

This video contains those elements to reduce the need for rapidly generated and unlimited changes on the scale.

It is the result of hundreds of video changes which are a relatively short time and relatively little effort.

For example, Calgary marketers use these metrics as an essential indicator of activity, which rehearsals the past crags and their parents in the United States during the season of the mobile backup.

He used the YouTube Directory Mix to bring more than 100 personal videos to the new online package.

As you can see in the video below, despite the smallest indications of your campaigns, the best guests and sales promotions are there.

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Selecting the Right KPIs Is the Key

Now, succeeding in measuring brand growth and sales does not mean that Kraft Heinz marketers can make the perfect advertising campaign for their first organization.

However, suppose you select the correct indicator for the critical performance and, ultimately, measure the right elements. In that case, you will understand that instead of a few years instead of you to improve your results, What to do.

Or, as of May 2018, on LinkedIn, Google’s digital marketing blogger and communications wrote about, or unsure:

Companies make impressive goals, often want to opt out of the expectations of Wall Street analysts (generally, worst), and wish to invite the speaker to encourage the speaker to think about different ideas, through new areas, And change World! “

He added:

“I fully understand this model, which does not want to shoot the moon or is more than the expectations of the mother?” (But)I understand that the desire to end it is costly. Your business fulfills this goal: every day can be attractive; there is no difference in what you do today; you reduce your suction from consciousness. “

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Although I had read your article for the first time, I wanted to write myself. It is ideal for a medical brand with 57 questions.

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