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 Google Go, the lightweight, fast app, is now available worldwide

In the past, Google Go was only available in some countries where most people used low-spec Android phones.

Google Go is optimized to work quickly on low-profile phones because it uses less space and memory. Because of its lightweight, Google Go works well in places where wireless connectivity is slow or unstable.

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To understand that the lightweight Google app can benefit many people, the company decided to offer it to all Android users:

Millions of people have used Google Go to find information on the Internet and to understand the world around them. But we know that people worldwide sometimes have problems communicating, storing phones, reading or translating texts. “

In addition to less memory, less memory, and a special Internet connection, GoogleGo also offers advanced features such as reading aloud.

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Google Go can read natural language web pages in 28 languages ​​up to 2G connection speed. You can also use Google Lenses to read the text in your photos.

This feature uses artificial intelligence to determine which parts of the page should be read and which can be omitted. Don’t scan text ads between paragraphs.

The user can only listen to one sound, such as a podcast, or select a word when reading the audio to follow the screen.

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If the connection is lost at any time, Google Go remembers your location and retrieves the last search results when you reconnect.


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