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 At a recent time, Google makes an update to one of its developer documents to throw light on the fact that dynamic rendering is not cloaking.

As Google’s Martin Split said, this is not surprising, but you are often asked to prove that the official explanations are correct.

The updated documents are as follows:

“Dynamic rendering is generally not seen by Googlebot as an unknown factor. As long as dynamic rendering provides similar content, Googlebot will not consider dynamic rendering a mask. “

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Google also said that the error page created by dynamic rendering is not considered a power failure.

The only situation where Dynamic View can be kept hidden is to use it to provide different content to users and the scanner.

“Using Dynamic View to provide completely different content to users and crawlers can be considered blocked. For example, a website that offers a kiss page to the user and page scanner can be regarded as to hide the actual content. “.

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This is an essential clarification for Google because hiding the actual content violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. It can affect your credit rating and even lead to fines.

But if you use the necessary dynamic view, you’re confident in breaking Google’s rules.

Not all sites require dynamic rendering. It is mainly used to modify JavaScript-generated content quickly or to use JavaScript-enabled content that is not compatible with a web browser.

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The advantage of dynamic rendering is that it helps Googlebot analyze and display JavaScript content faster, which speeds up the indexing of search results.

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