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 Facebook updated its news feed algorithm to reduce the reach of posts making override health claims.

Facebook also reduced the period of posts that offer products or services related to these health claims.

Both months were deployed last month.

“People meet on issues like fast, health and health, to communicate, communicate and communicate with people on Facebook, but to help people get accurate health information and their support, they At least organic or missing health content is essential. “

Facebook will determine which publications may contain serious ownership claims or publication of common phrases and promoting health with health claims.

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These separate messages will decrease in the news source. Facebook will not use this update to point to the entire page.

How will this page cover affect you?

Facebook said that the maximum number of pages would not be completed due to this update.

If the page continues to publish such content, it will regularly reduce the completion of pages that follow serious health claims.

I can also see the difficult pages that sell nutritional supplements and products for health and perfume.

Facebook has not stated that these statements should be serious for reducing the capability of publications that promote products and services using health claims.

This is what the ad says:

“For the second update, we are reviewing that the message is based on the health statement to promote a product or service, for example, advertising claims to support your medicines or tablet.

For example, complementary stores may reduce the capability of publishing the fat, while the powder protein is not affected by the publication.

Microsoft Advertising also provides Clearer Insights on Ad Positions in Search Results.

Facebook offers the following tips:

“This page should try to avoid or mislead people’s health positions and sell their posts that use health claims products. If this page fails to publish, it’s the post will not be affected by this post.“

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