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 Google’s John Mueller has declared that Google’s broad core updates have not been specifically targeting health websites. Google Updates and Health Websites Effected. However, there is, in fact, a perception that a few health-related websites tend to be so sensitive to Google updates. What adjustment can affect health Websites while not targeting health sites particularly?

User Satisfaction Metrics

Google has used its login files for a long time to meet user requirements for specific web search query questions. In the past, factors like the percentage of clicks were used for quality control to understand users’ needs.

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Rank Brain and Neural Matching

In recent years, Google has been considered better about finding nervous quotes and nervous ratings and comparisons to help better understand the pages (rating) of pages and concepts in terms of pages and concepts for Google. Have started the brain.

It is better to understand users when they apply an application that may affect health-related websites. Health problems can be divided into scientific meaning, strict alternatives, and naturally-called natural remedies.

Therefore, if Google knows more about the need for a scientific response than the question, sites that offer non-medical alternatives will be affected.

Google does not have to target healthy websites, but Google knows about these users and is pleased with them when they investigate them.

Mercola may can find basic Google 2018 updates, although it provides another “lost” precision information like other lost sites.

This means additional signal addresses are included, or other signals can be reduced.

Even if your site is not in a healthy place, it may also be useful for reading and discussing traffic about healthy sites. Whatever it is affected can also affect your website.

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  1. Pete Meyers on Health Sites and Traffic Losses

I asked Dr. Pete because health websites are being affected.

This is the following:

“(1) There is a clear connection between the important sites and sites affected by the original Master Updates later.” Introduction to the “introduction” key “latest” lever age Google has introduced more general quality updates (even if we do not know those levers). It is logical, so there will be a link between them.

(2) The update is not perfect, and the updates will be updated frequently. We look at the figures fit by looking at them. It does not mean that important update resets # 5 important updates, but we can expect that some changes will not meet Google’s expectations and work to reduce their impact. Will Improve them

(3) Do we know that the update is for something other than the health site? I’ve got Google’s language, although generally the most precise, very precise (almost incredible). Google is not going to specific manual-specific medical sites, but we know that YMYL’s questions are very important for them. This may be broad, for instance, analyzing confidence mechanisms in areas where trust is especially important (or dangerous information is dangerous). What does it mean that they “position” health websites? No, but they do not go to health care.

(4) Related to #3, something in this article (Google Tweaked Algorithm After Rise in US Shootings) struck me as very interesting:

Kijak said, “In recent years, the number of shooting incidents has dramatically increased.” “It shows that in those shooting events, much false information may appear in various events, in the fog of events.

Therefore, we have developed algorithms indicating the presence of negative events. We must increase the “authority” in our rating to increase the concept of “authority” and produce modern content. Quality, not false information. At this delicate moment. “

It affects that the Authority is compatible; in some cases, Google does not need more stability because it is not necessary or dangerous. But in other cases, he will explain the high authority limit. Remember that “option” here can mean more trust in professional confidence/knowledge than one link.

After Pete’s reply, I replied, he answered what are the key questions? Authority? The truth.

Pete answers here: – Google Broad Core Updates

“Yes, this is a good decision.” What is their idea in Google Code? Generally, it’s a good idea to eat. Absolutely. If you want to develop a business / Need to develop legal professional skills, Authority, and trust, it is good for at least indirectly SEO for this marketing. Do you mean that this meaning is included in a particular algorithm? I, or T (Possibly somewhat possible), how to translate it, factors we will not tell you.

Of course, Google needs to get detailed information about what we can reproduce. “

Cyrus describes shippers because health websites may be sensitive to updates.

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Cyrus Shepard has described some good ideas on how precise websites are sensitive to updates about Google’s algorithm’s algorithms:

“I have doubled the issues in YMYL queries, Google less popular websites in either of the following three ways:

  1. Online Sentiment Analysis. is one of the most visited sites, with many negative articles. Because it’s a healthy place, Google may be extremely sensitive about this feeling.

  1. Link-based Signals

This proof is unusual, but Google prefers sites near trustworthy seeds. See Bill Slaw ski’s Google Patents copy in the field.

  1. YMYL Queries

Finally, for the YMYL queries, Google’s standard ones do not agree with the “facts” as an active map if Google can diminish dangerous-considered sites. Sites like Diet Dr. and Dr. Mercola(promotion of anti-VAX theory) cannot agree with the wisdom of traditional medicine and can go to Iran.

It can be a combination of one or three of these factors. Nevertheless, Google delivers a standard information set on an official website that controls YMYL.

SEO Signals Lab Facebook Group Opinions

I asked Steve Kong to ask members of the SEO Signal Lab’s Facebook Group Director (only members can see the members). Joined a hot discussion.

Verified Facts and Negative Sentiment – Google Broad Core Updates

A member suggested that medical information is intended and its reviews and regulatory warnings can be described in references to FDA and other organizations issued by online publishers:

“There are many studies related to the rules, despite health care accounts for the economy of 1/6 and dealing with major life and death problems, despite fraud or scams for large potential.

This is a simple question “Go your way”… Do you want to talk about acupuncture to treat pain? It is a matter of concern for health experts and recognized institutions. We start talking about acupuncture for depression, which is goodbye. “

Fight Against False Information?

Another member said that the government’s increasing concern about spreading false information could play an important role. Of course, Google users may be concerned about the accuracy of the information.

“Asit tries to assign responsibilities to Facebook, providing false information to Google and others, hate information, technology companies have to avoid responsible responsibility.

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The implementation of the health sector provides some great expenses, encouraging Google to avoid greedy lawyers and exhibitions.

Unless you are a Cleveland Clinic, a Johnson Hopkins Clinic, a Mio Clinic, or Approved Provider, it is not easy to get Google’s option. “

Takeaways – Google Broad Core Updates

There are many reasons why health websites are often sensitive to Google’s global updates. Want to see factors like users want to write a question, the true accuracy and feeling of information can be useful. But we need to find out that this is true.

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We all know that Google does not go to health sites. This means that changes can also affect many sites on healthy sites. Searching for some reasons causes traffic to lose traffic because it can provide insights that cannot affect specific websites.


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