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 Pinterest is rolling out a new set of tools to help businesses keep up with the rising demand for video content.

According to Pinterest, a 31% increase in the search for “impressive videos” compared to last year.

The company noted that users could also see programs, lessons and brand stories on the platform.

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To meet this requirement of business, Pinterest has introduced new video features, including:

  • Improved Downloaded tool: Download videos on Pinterest without problems.
  • Video tag: Allow brands to show all the videos in one place.
  • Lifetimes can – Get information about your video’s long-term performance.
  • Preplanning: Now companies and creators can now plan video content.

The Pentagon highlighted the growing popularity of companies and creators who want to take advantage of the most popular video searches.

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The latest search for the video on Pinterest is currently included:

  • False nights video (up to 3712%)
  • Recipe video (up to 3462%)
  • Makeup tutorial (up to 2063%)
  • Video to dye hair (Up to 2% up)
  • Curly hair with iron video (up to 129%)

These updates are available for commercial accounts in all English-speaking countries, and eventually, distributors will be distributed worldwide.

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