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 Google Ads shows up to be emailing those owners of accounts that still need to make the change to automated bidding.

The most worrying thing about these emails is that Google has gone through the agencies’ heads’ ideas and created unnecessary customer problems.

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Hi, @GoogleAds can you explain why you’re emailing our clients saying we “denied to take down the The email reads:

“This is Rohit, and Google Ads Manager is trying to contact your agency to provide you with relevant updates that are not in your account.

They refuse to remove updates that may affect their performance.

Please call me on the number or click on the following link to set the time.

I’m waiting for you.

After reading this email, you may think that the agency will refuse to update your account.

However, as Gil Gildner stated in his reply to the publication, the agency wanted to conduct something other than an automatic auction.

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Automatic pricing is not a mandatory upgrade, which means you can affect performance without losing confidence in the office you use.

This is an aggressive Google strategy that is not in the best interest of the customer.

So, you will notice that a Google Accounts Strategy signs the email.

I contacted Google directly to find out if the person was connected to the company.

When writing, Google did not respond to my confirmation request.

Most people can decide if they work for Regalix:

Hi, @GoogleAds can you explain why you’re emailing our clients saying we “denied to take down the They are trying to get Google to attract third-party organizations.

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In any case, consider these emails and be prepared to limit damage when customers receive the email.


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