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 LinkedIn advertising is not just a trend. It’s, at full tilt, getting ground as an essential element of the digital advertising mix—and for an excellent reason.

There are many informal marketing channels, such as email, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. But these platforms are better suited to our digital files.

Therefore, it is crucial to participate in advertising strategies appropriate for the modern business world.

LinkedIn has a clear advantage over other platforms: it allows you to connect with hard-to-reach, business-oriented audiences.

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Many social networks need help finding an ideal platform for developing and coordinating an advertising program.

Once shared by social advertising platforms, the boundaries need to be clarified.

Most platforms offer different ad formats, from text to images and video, depending on the goals of your campaign.

Also, these channels allow you to expand your reach with sponsored chat options.

However, the unique features of LinkedIn go beyond the general characteristics of different social networks.

Let’s look at the differences between LinkedIn advertising and packaging.

The following is intended to help you think more strategically about LinkedIn’s role in the entire media portfolio.

  1. It is the Only Real Professional Social Platform

LinkedIn users actively participate in content that reflects their professional interests and experience.

If you want a platform, there is a playground for those who want to:

  • Promotions career.
  • Contact your classmates.
  • Focus on industry news.
  • Improve your skills and knowledge.

LinkedIn has over 600 million users, but other social networks have a large user base, such as Facebook, and its platform has over 2 billion people.

But in digital advertising, quality has priority over quantity. After all, every contract starts from a qualitative point of view.

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By advertising on LinkedIn, you can openly reach a broad target audience.

When you communicate with them in a professional environment, they are more likely to receive your marketing messages.

Targeting Professionals – LinkedIn Advertising Due to high user engagement, a large advertising platform on social networks is more likely to have an independent audience that can change the stability of your campaign.

With paid advertising features, LinkedIn can reach the right professional audience and connect with the people who make the final decisions.

LinkedIn allows you to subscribe to the following:

  • Skillset.
  • Degree.
  • Industry.
  • Company size & name.
  • Job title.
  • Job function.
  • And more.

Segmentation allows you to exclude specific audiences and protect your assets from unnecessary click traffic.

Marketing resources can work as follows:

  • News Feed.
  • Side Panel.
  • InMail(delivered right to a user’s profile).

This gives you a lot of evidence to test some creative forms.

LinkedIn also allows you to integrate forms of attracting potential customers into your campaigns and supports various display formats, text, video, carousel and dynamic ads.

While Facebook also has these features, LinkedIn’s targeting options are more advanced and customized for the professional audience.

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Location algorithms vary according to social media platforms.

Each platform is designed to create a statistical profile based on multiple variables to provide personal information to the viewer.

Most focus on using demographic, behavioral, and interest-based goals to advance their advertising strategies.

LinkedIn takes a new step in positioning.

LinkedIn profiles are rarely static. Participants will continually review and update their academic and vocational training, diploma and other outstanding achievements.

For advertisers, this means they can contact LinkedIn users based on factual information provided by their members, such as:

  • Work experience (e.g. Rank, qualifications, position).
  • Businesses(e.g. Business name, industry, size, fans).
  • Education(e.g. degree, the field of study).
  • Other Topics and related Demographics.

Is your ideal customer graduated from Cal Tech? Have you worked at Apple for five years and lived in Cupertino, California? LinkedIn will only target your ads to users who meet these criteria.

LinkedIn-sponsored InMail allows targeted users to receive personal messages only when actively using the platform, whether or not they convey your business.

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Other social networks allow you to share personal IMs only after registration. For example:

  • Click on the registration link.
  • Write your email.
  • We have lost other contacts.

With LinkedIn InMail, you can place your information directly in front of potential customers without touching any walls.

  1. Best Conversion Rate – LinkedIn Advertising

In today’s busy world, competitive conversion rates do not happen by chance.

LinkedIn can deliver your information in precisely the right perspective, leading to a higher conversion rate for your visitors.

What is the relationship between a business and a potential customer looking to sell?

On LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s competitive advantage is that it is a professional website. This environment cannot be copied elsewhere.

The quality of the ordinary audience is no longer an option. You mustn’t have to invest in a dead-end.

In general, low costs require more time, energy and money.

You pay more for clicks and impressions on LinkedIn. However, an advertising strategy designed to create better interaction across all channels on social networks leads to higher profits and lower risks.

  1. Advertising Costs are Higher, But the Probability of Return on Investment is Higher

The cost of advertising on LinkedIn is higher than on other platforms. However, this does not mean that it is too expensive or that your budget is weakening.

Any changes you make to your campaign budget and calendar will immediately appear on the LinkedIn advertising platform.

The game is called ROI: the more expensive investments that produce better returns are better than the more modest investments that do not provide the expected return.

In a more competitive market (such as Higher Ed, B2B), a daily cost of at least $ 100 can generate significant click traffic to a product page, microsite, or contact form.

The minimum daily budget required to run a LinkedIn campaign is $ 10, and the maximum cost for text-based ad campaigns is $ 2 per click or one thousand.

By comparison, other social media channels can only invest $ 1 daily in your campaign.

But the big downside is that you can get what you pay for.

In other words, your campaigns may not connect with your audience or reach your conversion goals.

  1. Matched Audience Targeting

Shortly after its official release, LinkedIn became a private lead-generating weapon for modern digital marketing experts.

This targeting feature, available in all ad formats, allows you to combine your business information with trusted content from LinkedIn users to improve your marketing results.

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Like other popular social networks, LinkedIn-related ads allow you to:

  • Drive more engagement with your site visitors.
  • Download CSV contact lists, email addresses, or business names to create custom audiences and manage account-based marketing campaigns.

You can specify their similar audiences depending on your site visitors, audiences, and contact lists. As a result, you can sell to new customers with the same features as existing ones.

Your advertising efforts will only be practical if they are presented to the right audience.

For the same reason, LinkedIn is the most valuable tool in its marketing arsenal: its best features are among professionals actively involved in this environment.

So far, no other social network is competing with LinkedIn for the offer.

Most users sell their most realistic, professional, updated digital profiles on Linked In.

By taking full advantage of powerful network-targeted filters, you can directly inform the public that they are likely to be changed while minimizing the risk of your advertising budget being inadequate.

It often takes multiple impressions to convince users to switch.

Your business is considered legitimate, professional, and trustworthy when you find potential prospects for the advertising you’re currently looking at on LinkedIn (whether it’s your Fifth, Sixth, or even Seventh screen).

Your simple presence on LinkedIn will help you achieve this status.

Of course, Facebook has an advantage in terms of audience size. For this reason, it can be the beginning of choice for many small businesses starting in social marketing.

But for companies looking for a platform that allows them to focus better on the ideal customer, LinkedIn is a powerful digital marketing engine that every business should grow.

Not All Social Advertising Sites Are the Same

LinkedIn advertising stands out from the strength of its valuable audience and its unprecedented targeting capabilities for each ad format and marketing method.

For long-term benefits, investing in a LinkedIn platform can provide excellent results despite a higher initial investment.

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Digital advertising is continuously evolving. Make sure to:

  • Keep pace with the latest trends.
  • Get your message in front of the right people.
  • Explore new pathways to business success.

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