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 Google Ads is increasing close variants to add words with the same meaning as the actual keyword.

This change will occur in the coming weeks and affect the keywords “general queries” and “keywords.”

Previously, the variation coincided only with questions that contained at least some variations of the original keyword.

For example, the keywords “lawn,” “lawn,” and “service” correspond to “lawnmower services.”

Neighboring options now correspond to queries that do not contain the selected keywords as long as they have the same meaning.

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Therefore, the same keywords can correspond to requests of the type “garden and garden service.”

The same changes apply to the relevant keywords.

Previously, only questions with exact phrases coincided; now, they can match items with sentences of equal importance.

Google stated that exceptions would apply to this change so that advertisers could control their campaigns anytime.

“If the request currently matches the exact keyword, phrase, or broad keyword in your account, we will not allow it to match the request with other phrases or keywords in broad match mode.” Who can now participate in the same auction? This is an update.”

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If two terms exist in the advertiser’s account, the term “lawn” will not correspond to the problem “lawn.”

Google Ads also remind advertisers that they can use negative keywords to eliminate matches they don’t want to see. Negative words never correspond to similar variants.

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Google estimates that for this update, advertisers using broad match and keyword match will see an increase in clicks and conversions of 3-4%.

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