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 A recent study reveals that Instagram influencers are getting hit so hard by the reported decline in engagement across the platform.

Market analysts, according to the combined data with the mobile marketer, the rate of joining sponsorship and organic news is reaching a record.

Earn yourself by comparing the average number of likes in each Instagram post with the number of followers in your account.

Studies show that in the first quarter of 2019, the rate of sponsorship rate was 2.4 years, which was 4% three years ago.

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Organic positions were expressed from 4.5% to 1.9% during the same period.

The promise of many influential people in the industry is reduced, including beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, health and travel.

The study said that the travel rate of mutual participation in the journey was almost half as less, from 8% in 2019 to 4.5 per cent in 2018.

Instagram Sponsored posts still drive the most engagement.

Sponsorships are even more attractive than organic publications despite weak reasons.

The popularity of sponsored posts has increased to this point, where Instagram sources are complete, reducing the contribution rate.

Instagram is compatible with specially sponsored posts in the fashion industry, which has 25% sponsored posts.

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Represents 12% of all sponsor positions in the industry, beauty represents 7%, and tourism fewer sponsors represent 5%.

Studies show that when they publish “effects of n an o-antenna”, marketers can take a better part in sponsored posts.

Nano effects are less affected, but their followers are very devoted.

According to another study organized by Influence DB, the average number of victims used in the activity was 726.

It shows marketers are working with more  n an o effects than some important ones.

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Integration is preparing a new ad block that allows brands to expand the sponsored news but has yet to be ready for rollout massively.

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