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 Google is emailing web admins by Search Console, letting them know to delete no index statements from their robots.txt file.

The email reads:

“Google has determined that the robots.txt file on your site contains unsupported rules” no index. “This rule has never been officially compatible with Big G and will not take effect on September 1, 2019. See how our Help Center blocks indexed Google pages. “

These messages were published a few weeks after Big G officially suspended support for the index rule.

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At this time, Googlebot continues to follow the no index directive, valid until September 1. Website owners should use alternatives.

Technically, as stated in the email, Big G never had to support the no index directive. A standard set of rules in the robots.txt file is another problem: Big G is working to resolve it.

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Before creating a list of standard rules, it is better to rely on something other than informal ones.

These are other options for locking index pages:

  • The meta tag no index directly on the HTML code page
  • HTTP404 and 410 status codes
  • password protection
  • Forbidden the robots.txt file
  • Search Console URL Removal Tool


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