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 Microsoft Advertising will now offer clearer data on where ads are showing up in Bing search results.

Advertisersbetter understands where their ads appear; Microsoft introduced the following matrix:

  • Print the popular part
  • The best-printed quotes lost in rating
  • Budget Impressions
  • Absolute top printing
  • Part of the best-lost impression effect
  • Full participation of the maximum loss in the budget

The “top” effect is in any position at the top of the search results. An absolute “absolute” impression means that the ads appear in the search results for the first time.

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In the announcement, the company said:

“It is important to know where your ads go to search results pages, which can help diagnose your ads’ performance or if you need to change your bids.” Now, Microsoft Advertising Statistics can provide a clear picture of your ads. Where are your ads on search results in pages that improve your performance?

Microsoft has called it “exhibitions”, “already” voice sharing.“You can see these campaigns, groups, and keywords tabs.

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Microsoft said, with an exception, that data about almost Google ads is the same as Microsoft’s.

The exception is the “average rating” indicator, which will be included in a report based on the user’s cost.


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