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 Facebook will offer even more detail when users click “Why am I seeing this ad?”

Facebook has made two changes to address concerns about the difficulty of understanding information. “Facebook is introducing new transparency features that make it easier for users to understand why they are seeing certain ads on the platform. This article explores these features and how they can benefit users and businesses. Get insights into Facebook’s advertising policies and learn how to create more effective ads. Contact A One Sol for expert social media marketing solutions.”

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More Reasons Why

Facebook will show people more reasons to show specific ads to them.

Previously, “Why should I see this ad?” Provide one or more related reasons for delivery.

It usually includes demographic information or browsing history on the website.

Users can now see more details, such as interest or categories, which some targeting can make.

Also, Facebook will indicate that it has received information about the users’ interests.

You can use the controls to help users adjust the appearance of the advertisement.

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Advertising Preferences Update – Facebook Ad

The “AdWords Preferences” section now shows details about the companies who have uploaded the list and their information.

Users can see which advertiser has uploaded a list of their information and used to post at least one ad in the last seven days.

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This section will show all users who have uploaded their list of information.


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