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 Facebook stated they are managing member surveys to determine what types of videos and images Users like better these polls before making an update to the Facebook algorithm.

Updates usually affect the volume of posts on Facebook. This is a preview that can attract more people to Facebook.

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Facebook’s News Feed Announcement

Here are updates to their news posted on the Facebook page:

“Updated 3:15 P.M. August 5, 2019, Pacific Time:

Better combine messages that interest you

In May, we started using polls to show people helpful links. Now we are distributing it to photos and videos. “

These polls help Facebook understand what users prefer to see on their channels. In 2019, Facebook updated the publication of posts in user news. Previous updates affect messages from friends, pages, and groups.

As Facebook advises members on videos and photos, member news is subject to change. Therefore, it is handy to familiarize yourself with photo and video-sharing strategies.

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Facebook Commitment

I recently posted a one to two-year Facebook post on many Facebook user feeds. One person found a message and asked for a comment. This comment enlivened the news and made two other people comment on it. After that, Facebook began to show this message to my friends and friends of friends. Although last year’s news gave rise to new discussions, they started to appear in the news for many people.

The purpose of this joke is to show how participation can help expand your position’s reach. When people participate in publications, especially when commenting on advertisements, the effect exponentially grows their contacts with friends, friends, and those who interacted with their site or group.

Facebook posts in news sources that love and comment. View messages for users who have already used this page or group. If friends communicate with them, the publication will achieve the goal in a very unpredictable way.

Hide comments from non-friends. Long group/page discussions can be shortened to show only the original message and comments from friends.

Here’s how Facebook Explained Previous News Updates:

“…we are updating the algorithm to prioritize pages and groups that, according to our forecasts, can be more worrying for people. Some statistics about the relevance of a page or group may include the time people follow a page or part of a group; how often a page or group is posted. And how often a page or group is published.

Like the updated close friends we announced earlier this month, these first changes prioritize the pages and groups that interest us the most, so you can see them higher up the line. News. “

Facebook also explained how the “Friends” algorithm works, adding that it is also based on mobilization indicators.

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“Historically,we assume that people who want to listen are like good friends depending on howoften they talk to certain friends, how many friends they have, and whetherthey choose someone or not.”

The following is part of a Facebook algorithm that describes a pattern showing a person’s interest in publishing a page, individual, or group. These are the most powerful signals that can improve interaction.

Here’s How Facebook Describes These Crucial Signals:

“Inaddition to understanding these signals, detecting a pattern, some of theminclude tagging the same photo, commenting and continuing comments to the sameinformation and recording in the same place. And then we use these patterns toindicate our algorithm.”

Part of the selection is very similar to the link algorithm. In the study, hypertext links are called links.

In the Facebook ecosystem, light tags can be used as a template to indicate that a person is essential to a group or page and can help increase the reach of these messages.

When a tagged person participates in a post, you can start showing it to your friends. If a friend commits a crime, he comes to the friend.

Give People a Reason to Review Your Site or Group

I’ve been 17 years a member of online forums, organizer and owner. There are many ways to get people to work. Here are some ways to increase engagement:

  • Postnews topics
  • Post topics that help or inform others
  • Post topics that improve the life of your forum or site members.
  • Don’texplain the conversation
  • Don’ttalk
  • Request an opinion. Always develop your message, so it is not a statement but a discussion.
  • Facebook posts don’t usually affect you. They should pay attention to your fans and members.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to ask for advice or advice.

The most attractive people are the ones asking for the news. Some special people are beautiful and very popular. They are not fair or love their words. If you look at these people, you will discover their magic’s secret is in their ability to make others feel unique. These people attract others, ask questions about their children, remember their names and ask how. In short, they put you at the forefront.

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The same principles apply to network environments.

How to Promote Interaction with Facebook

Community members are traditional leaders. The same goes for Facebook pages and groups. Most read and declined to attend. You, the webmaster or the host of the Facebook group, should attract these observers.

I have to say that joining an online community can be addictive. Your goal is to get these people out of the “hidden state” and put them in a release state. After use, they become active posters.

Interesting photos in publications can help with the participation rate, especially by encouraging participation in photos. Sometimes it can be helpful to leave apparent points in a message so some people can leave the “hidden” state and use these messages to add discussion points.

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Then give a positive review to those who promise. Therefore, very important Alwaysrent, love forever. So, never say that negative things always stop the harmful behaviour of others. But negative behaviour destroys drivers. So, stay positive.

FacebookEngagement Baiting Spam You need to be careful about the spam policy sent by the bait type because the FB algorithm looks for it and takes action. They want to ask for love, create articles that encourage them clearly, and ask users to publish certain content (if they consent (or disagree) to artificially increase their participation); they are considered Spam.

FacebookInteractive Spam is an email that attracts users to send an email. These are common strategies for spam promises:

  • Comment baiting
  • Tag baiting
  • Vote baiting
  • Reactionbaiting
  • Share baiting

The previous anti-spam policy encouraged users to comment, tag friends, vote, and promote likes and expenses. Messages of this type can be seen to decrease their carrying capacity.

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Facebook’s news feed algorithm continually evolves to show its members what they are connected to. Facebook is collecting signs that information is vital to them. We have a mission to put our fans first, create pages that match them and start a real conversation.


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