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 Google is now surfacing podcast episodes that could be played straight in search results.

When a user searches explicitly for podcasts, a readable section of the podcast appears in addition to the usual search results.

“Startingtoday, when you search for podcasts on Google topics such as “Awkwafina Podcasts”or “Bank Instant Podcast Podcasts, “we display distinct sections and web pagesin the search results. News, Images, and Videos.”

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Google said it would play the podcast based on understanding the topics covered in this section.

Earlier this year, we announced that Google would automatically broadcast podcast episodes on the Google Podcast app.

This explains how Google understands what is said in separate sections.

Google says users do not need to use the term “podcast” to see sections of search results. This means that the podcast will soon be broadcast as other content when searching for a topic.

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This feature will also be available for Google Assistant and Google Podcasts for the web later this year.

As part of this update, Google will soon allow publishers to indicate where users can listen to their podcasts, such as other applications or websites.

If the publisher has individual sections available only by subscription, you can ensure that these sections are not hidden in the web search.

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These new features are available today, starting with English-speaking users in the United States.


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